What you need to know about going through international travel customs with kids

To some parents, the thought of navigating immigrations and customs with kids is intimidating. For some, the first experience in customs will be during a trip to Mexico, or Canada. For all of us, it can be tiring, especially after a long travel day (or night). But by knowing what to expect (and having the forms and documents you need) going through travel customs with kids can be a breeze. Here's … [Read more...]

Logan International Airport

If you find yourself weather delayed or otherwise engaged in the waiting game with your kids this winter at Logan International Airport in Boston, MA, a respite by the name of KidPort can be found in Terminal A. This large play area is located next to Alaska and Delta airlines, it spans between gates 13-22. There's also a food court, shops and restrooms nearby. The floor is that soft spongy stuff … [Read more...]

Copenhagen Airport

If you find yourself with time to kill with a baby, toddler, or child at Copenhagen Airport (International) this busy family travel season, an oasis awaits on the upper level overlooking the food court. (The only caveat is the lack of an elevator, so if you're traveling with a stroller, be prepared to carry it.) Inside, your kids can expend some energy with the giant-sized Lego blocks, explore the … [Read more...]

Portland International Airport (PDX)

We're back again with another great airport find! Portland International Airport (PDX) has a large play area in Terminal C, right past a food court with plenty of food options. You'll see a fairly large play structure, plus activity panels for younger kids and lots of seating for grown-ups. Theres another in the main terminal, but there's a catch: Reviewer Julie Hagstrom writes, "It is just … [Read more...]

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Travelers through Minneapolis-St Paul are lucky enough to have not one, but two airport play spaces available to them (although we all know the truly lucky depart on their planes without any airport waiting with small kids at all!). Both play spaces feature a great play area with a huge plane, slide, and climbing area in addition to an air traffic … [Read more...]

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Dallas, TX If you find yourself with a few anticipated (or not anticipated) hours to kill in an airport, you could do much worse than Dallas-Fort Worth International. For starters, DFW's Sky Link rail system makes moving from terminal to terminal a breeze (and commutes within the same terminal take only a minute or two). In Terminal B, you'll find the … [Read more...]

Salt Lake City International Airport

Why airport play spaces are so poorly publicized, I have no idea, but more often than not, parents simply have to stumble upon them (if they're lucky). Sarah of Musings of Mother Hood was one of those lucky few while enduring a three-hour layover at Salt Lake City International Airport with her baby. God bless the Salt Lake City airport,” she wrote. “This little play area was right outside our … [Read more...]

Logan International Airport

Boston, Massachusetts If you find yourself flying this holiday season, a layover in Boston wouldn‘t be the worst luck in the world. Logan International Airport's KidPort is a kid's paradise, conveniently located in the Terminal C departure area. Sponsored by Boston Children's Museum, this is much more than a play area; it's a hand's-on learning experience. Of course, after being cooped up on … [Read more...]

Prague Airport (Ruzyne International)

K leti¡ti street 1019/6, 161 00 Praha, Czech Republic When it comes to airport play areas, Europe sure gets it right. Prague Airport (Ruzyne Intl.) is no exception. In the center of section G4, you'll find this: It was a lifesaver for reviewer Laura Carvajal when waiting out a five hour layover with her preschool-aged daughter this week. Set in the middle of the hallway, the play … [Read more...]

Zurich International Airport

Zurich, Switzerland The Zurich/Kloten International Airport is one of the few in the world to offer staffed nursery and play centers for their youngest fliers. Called "family services", the two playspaces are located in Transit A, between the transfer desk and special assistance desk, and in Ground 1, right past security clearance next to the entrance to gates 6069 (Dock E, level 3, above … [Read more...]