Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagan kids' space

The reviewer's daughter in Copenhagen's family space.

If you find yourself with time to kill with a baby, toddler, or child at Copenhagen Airport (International) this busy family travel season, an oasis awaits on the upper level overlooking the food court. (The only caveat is the lack of an elevator, so if you’re traveling with a stroller, be prepared to carry it.) Inside, your kids can expend some energy with the giant-sized Lego blocks, explore the play space, or relax watching TV (our reviewer reports Dora the Explorer on a constant loop)!

Date last visited: August 2010

Hours and admission: Open ’round the clock!

Directions: View a map of the play space here. (It’s marked as area 6.)

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Pit Stops for Kids AUTHOR: Amy Whitley is the founding editor of Pit Stops for Kids and content editor of Trekaroo. She writes on staff monthly at a number of travel publications, and contributes to OutdoorsNW magazine as an outdoor adventure traveler. Find Amy at Google.




  1. boston business school says:

    These Lego blocks are really gigantic. When I took a look at the photo I thought that they were not real. Probably a good thing for little children even though my bigger ones like the small Lego blocks a lot more, I guess. But next time I’ll drop by at your oasis, maybe they will like it. Anyway, I hope that they also fixed the problems with the smoking sections at the airport. Last time I was there we had to smoke in one of those little cubes and there was almost no air to breathe. Even though this is not a problem for little kids…

  2. Just visited here, it’s a wonderful idea! I liked the safe space to let kids escape the busy airport. However it really felt like a neglected space. TV areial did not work, no picture. The ipads were unuseable. There were broken toys. The toys were dirty. It just needs a bit of tlc and a small amount of money to make it a lot more enjoyable.

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