Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Dallas, TX

If you find yourself with a few anticipated (or not anticipated) hours to kill in an airport, you could do much worse than Dallas-Fort Worth International. For starters, DFW’s Sky Link rail system makes moving from terminal to terminal a breeze (and commutes within the same terminal take only a minute or two). In Terminal B, you’ll find the Pepsi Junior Flyer’s Club, a 685-square-foot aviation-themed play area complete with a padded floor, raodway, bridge, car, plane, and air and traffic control tower. (Two other, smaller, clubs exist in Terminals C and D.)

DFW's Sky Link transit system

DFW’s Sky Link transit system

Date last visited: December 2009

Hours and Admission Prices: Free. Open whenever the terminals are open. Non-supervised.

Bathrooms: Nearby.

Food Services: Within the four terminals at DFW are no fewer than six McDonald’s restaurants. That’s not newsworthy, but this is: the one in Terminal D (and perhaps others) is equipped with video games such as Mario Kart, a soccer game, a Harry Potter game, and a version of Mario’s Yoshi games. The best part? They’re FREE.

Website: http://dfwairport.com/

If anyone has visited the Junior Flyer’s Club recently and has a photo to share, please let us know!