Prague Airport (Ruzyne International)

K leti¡ti street 1019/6,
161 00 Praha, Czech Republic

When it comes to airport play areas, Europe sure gets it right. Prague Airport (Ruzyne Intl.) is no exception. In the center of section G4, you’ll find this:

Prague Airport play structure for ages 1-3

Prague Airport play structure for ages 1-3

It was a lifesaver for reviewer Laura Carvajal when waiting out a five hour layover with her preschool-aged daughter this week. Set in the middle of the hallway, the play structure is divided into two sections by age. The one for older kids includes obstacles and multiple levels that lead to a big slide, taking kids back to the bottom to start the cycle again…and again!

Important to Note: For some reason, this play area is not marked anywhere on airport maps. Trust us, it’s there!

The reviewer's daughter burns some energy!

The reviewer’s daughter burns some energy!

Date last visited: December 2009

Hours and Admission Prices: Free

Bathrooms: Nearby

Food Services: Many food options are located in the terminal (including McDonald’s and KFC).