Harry Potter road trip: UK filming sites worth visiting

There's are many filming locations for the Harry Potter movie franchise¬†scattered over the UK and Scotland, but frankly, not all of them are visit-worthy. For instance, the campsite Harry and Hermione find themselves in during the last book and movie is really more of a sewage treatment center with some grass outside. Other sites, however, have been destinations in their own right for years, and a … [Read more...]

Walk in the footsteps of Harry Potter and his friends on your next visit to London

There's no doubt about it, children and adults all over the world are obsessed with Harry Potter and his adventures. From Harry Potter Book Nights, where fans gather to celebrate the Harry Potter series, through to tours of the locations and the studio where the movies were made, if you're a Harry Potter aficionado you can always find something to satisfy your thirst for further knowledge of the … [Read more...]

Exploring the Cotswolds with kids

Want to add a dash of English country charm to your UK vacation? The Cotswolds are located within a day trip from London, but deserve a 2-3 day itinerary all their own. Unlike many European destinations which are ideal for public transit, the Cotswolds are best explored by car. This way, families can plan their own itinerary, take their time, lingering where desired, and go off the beaten … [Read more...]

Top summer attractions in London UK for kids

The following guest post is written by Kaamna Dhawan of Momaboard.¬† My family of four moved to London a few months ago and I can honestly say that as major cities in the world go, London is probably the most kid-friendly in the world.¬† As my two and five-year old and I have been exploring our new hometown, we have been delighted to find summer attractions in London ranging from parks, theaters, … [Read more...]