Portland International Airport (PDX)

We’re back again with another great airport find! Portland International Airport (PDX) has a large play area in Terminal C, right past a food court with plenty of food options. You’ll see a fairly large play structure, plus activity panels for younger kids and lots of seating for grown-ups.


Theres another in the main terminal, but there’s a catch: Reviewer Julie Hagstrom writes, “It is just BEFORE you go through the big line for security and where passengers come out to meet people so if you are going to meet anyone at the airport and their plane is delayed the kids can play while you wait! If you are the traveler, you would play here only if you had plenty of time to go through security and get to your gate.”

It has a large climbing/sliding structure and other smaller toys to explore (great for toddler eye-level). Just be sure you have plenty of time to get through security before you get too comfortable here.

Date last visited: April 2016

Hours and Admission Prices: Free. Open whenever the terminal is open.

Bathrooms: Nearby.

Food Services: Just on the other side of security, you can find Panda Express, several pizza places, and a Jamba Juice. (Wendy’s and Starbucks aren’t far away, too!)

Website: http://www.portofportland.com/PDX_home.aspx

Terminal Map: http://www.portofportland.com/PDX_Terminal_Map.aspx