Madrid-Barajas International Airport

The cost of airfare for five has kept our family vacations grounded for a couple years now. While our budget restrictions have led to finding many great pit stops while on the road (crammed into a Prius, no less!), I do dream of the (relative) ease of air travel. Especially when an airport really knows how to do it right, such as Madrid-Barajas International. If you find yourself flying to … [Read more...]

Jetterz Kids Club

London Heathrow Airport If you find yourself with restless kids and a layover in Heathrow Airport this summer, Jetterz Kids Club Lounge in Terminal 3 just might be worth its weight in gold. One of several kid-friendly lounges in Heathrow (there are others in both Terminal 1 and 2), Jetterz is located airside, in the transfers check-in area and is open daily. It's not free, but is fully … [Read more...]

Play Area in SEATAC Airport

Ahhh, the layover, everyone's favorite travel hiccup. I don't know about anyone else, but I've spent some of my most miserable parenthood moments on the floor of airport terminals, trying in vain to corral unhappy and overtired kids. Over the course of nine years of travel with children, I've stumbled upon more than one nice airport play space (and 'stumbled upon' really is an apt description, … [Read more...]