Travel Gear We Use: Best water bottles for kids

Next up in the Travel Gear We Use series: best water bottles for kids! We go absolutely nowhere without our water per family member. They need to be durable, spill proof, fit in car cupholders and backpack water bottle pockets, and be fun or trendy enough that my kids (ages 14-8) will actually want to keep track of them. Here's which water bottles for kids make the cut: Sigg … [Read more...]

Oboz Sundog review: hiking shoes that please the teen

I have a 13-year-old who loves hiking, but hates hiking boots. We've tried just about everything, from rugged backpacking boots that I hoped would look 'cool' to very simple Columbia low-cut hiking shoes that practically slid onto his feet. It didn't matter: he always preferred to hike in his Keen sandals. I'm a huge fan of Keens for outdoor adventure and travel: we believe about 80% of all … [Read more...]

Spring travel wear picks and 60% off Aventura Clothing

I'm an ambassador for Aventura Clothing because I believe this brand is one of the absolute best in women's travel clothing. Their clothing is affordable, comfortable, stylish, and high-quality, plus can easily be mixed-and-matched on travel days. Many items are made of organic cotton, which I find packs well and doesn't wrinkle. Every spring and fall, Aventura Clothing comes out with a new line. … [Read more...]

Travel Pop-Ups: New books that inspire travel

There are plenty of guidebooks out there that help parents plan family trips. We have our favorites, including Fodor's Around series (Around London with Kids, for example) and the student guide series of Let's Go (Let's Go Western Europe is sitting right beside me).   However, it's harder to get the kids inspired pre-trip. They're not as involved in the planning process, even if you … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Best diaper bag for active families

Today on Travel Gear We Use, we're excited to showcase the best diaper bag we've seen in a long time. The Timbuk2 Stork looks and acts like a rugged messenger bag, but has everything families with babies need while on the go. When my kids were babies, this bag was not yet available, but ironically, I used a standard Timbuk2 bag as a diaper bag, because it was tough enough for our travels and … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Child Safety Products

There's nothing quite as stressful as keeping an eye on a child in a big crowd. Whether you're in a theme park, on a crowded city street, or in a busy national park, these child safety products will give you some peace of mind. Every child safety product listed below has been reviewed and/or personally used by me or my East Coast editor. While we do accept product advertising on Pit Stops … [Read more...]

Pit Stops for Kids selected as Oboz Footwear Ambassador

Readers of Pit Stops for Kids know how much we love to cover outdoor travel, and how we advocate equipping kids (and Mom and Dad) in proper outdoor gear in our Travel Gear We Use series. This year, we'll be taking this passion a step further as official ambassadors for Oboz Footwear.   If you look on the right-hand side bar of the site, you'll see at glance the brands and … [Read more...]

Travel gifts for kids: best hydration packs for all-season use

As an extension of our Travel Gear We Use series, we also feature some of our favorite travel-related gifts for kids. First up: best hydration packs for kids. I used to think that hydration packs were 'overkill' when it came to kids' outdoor gear, but I've completely changed my mind! My kids love using hydration packs during outdoor-adventure travel, and I love that they stay hydrated. Best … [Read more...]

Tips on living abroad: A Better Life for Half the Price

If you're a serious lover of travel, it's crossed your mind at least once, and you probably flirt with the idea regularly: what if we were to move outside the country, and explore a different culture indefinitely?  As a travel writer who could work from anywhere, I've considered the idea more than most parents I know. Most recently, I toyed with dipping my toes in the expat waters when I … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Ski day accessories

Today on Travel Gear We Use, we're talking ski accessories. The following ski gear items are products we use either to make ski days more fun or more affordable. Both are high on my list when planning ski trips! Goggle Graffiti: Haven't heard of Goggle Graffiti, or seen it on the slopes yet? Neither had we, until we tried it out. These fun labels attach to your kids' goggles, and add both … [Read more...]