Travel Gear We Use: Ski day accessories

Today onĀ Travel Gear We Use, we’re talking ski accessories. The following ski gear items are products we use either to make ski days more fun or more affordable. Both are high on my list when planning ski trips!

Goggle Graffiti:

Haven’t heard of Goggle Graffiti, or seen it on the slopes yet? Neither had we, until we tried it out. These fun labels attach to your kids’ goggles, and add both personality and practicality to your ski day. With various messages, kids can customize their sayings to suit their interests and personalities, which make the labels fun conversation starters on the ski lifts. (We have one that says Ski Happy, plus additional ‘tags’ with logos from some of our favorite ski resorts.) Plus, Goggle Graffiti make it easy for kids to identify their goggles in a pile, and help to keep them from being lost. You can even add an ID tag to your Goggle Graffiti, so you can write in your kid’s contact information. Buy at for $8.95 each, or find a deal at Amazon by following the button below.

Turtle Fur Clavas:

turtle-fur-clava-for-kidsThere are a lot of different face masks and bandanas out there, and it feels like we’ve tried them all. For the best fit and least amount of adjustments/hassle/discomfort, Turtle Fur clavas win. These fleece neck gaiters feature a lighter weight full hood as well, which means kids’ heads stay warmer in their helmets and the ‘scarf’ portion of the clava doesn’t fall down off their faces. Pick one up for as low as $12.

Hand warmers:


hand-warmersDon’t buy them at at the slopes! Do yourself a favor and buy hand warmers by the box before your ski trip. We never–ever–go skiing without hand warmers at the ready in everyone’s jacket pocket. On days we don’t need them…yippee! But we’re always ready for when we do. And my kids’ attitudes while skiing are greatly heightened by this small addition to their ski day ‘wardrobe’. We’re not partial to any particular brand, but HotHands seem to be the most widely available. Where to buy: you can pick up hand warmers (and boot warmers) at most outdoor stores and even Costco, or buy on Amazon for as little as $19 a box (expect to pay $2-3 a warmer on the mountain).

Darn Tough Vermont socks:

darn-toughDo yourself a favor, and don’t skimp on the kids’ ski socks. Darn Tough Vermont socksĀ outlast all our others, and are the coziest and warmest for the kids. They are priced compatibly with other high-end wool sock brands designed for ski days, such as SmartWool (also good). Darn Tough socks are made in America and are Merino wool with a bit of stretch, which kids appreciate. Buy them for as low as $16 on Amazon.


Punkrox Fohawx

Never lose sight of your kids on the ski hill again when they’re wearing these easy-to-attach helmet accessories. Comes in mohawk, dreadlocks, and crown, and they’re easy to take on or off. We get more compliments and questions about fohawx than ANY other travel or outdoor gear!

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