Play Area in SEATAC Airport

Ahhh, the layover, everyone's favorite travel hiccup. I don't know about anyone else, but I've spent some of my most miserable parenthood moments on the floor of airport terminals, trying in vain to corral unhappy and overtired kids. Over the course of nine years of travel with children, I've stumbled upon more than one nice airport play space (and 'stumbled upon' really is an apt description, … [Read more...]

Columbia Park

 Highway 240, W. Columbia Drive Kennewick, WA Columbia Park is located in Washington's Tri-Cities, just off Highway 395 (from I-84 from Portland, OR or I-90 form Spokane). It's a great place to stop to stretch legs and have a quick picnic. Situated along the Columbia River, the park is over five miles long, but the section you want is at the west end where a large fort-style climbing structure … [Read more...]