Exploring Rome with kids: Overome Colosseum tour review

Touring Rome's Colosseum and Forum is always in the top three attractions for families. This center of ancient Roman history is a must-do, but also big, crowded, and complex. We were very glad we opted to see the Colosseum and Forum with a small group tour. If Rome is in your family travel plans, read on for our Overome Colosseum tour review. We chose to see the Colosseum with Overome based … [Read more...]

Why you should tour Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome with kids

While visiting Rome with kids, the time will come when you’ll face a full-on mutiny if you suggest even one more museum. This is the moment to head to the Castel Sant’Angelo. This underrated and overlooked site in Rome is a must-do. We are so glad we tried it! Unlike the Colosseum, Vatican, and Forum, kids are let loose at Castel Sant’Angelo. This mausoleum turned fortress dates back to AD … [Read more...]

Tips for AirBnb Italy: Where to stay in Florence and Rome

Originally thought of as only a step up from couch surfing, Airbnb has caught on with family travelers in the US. But what about using Airbnb while traveling abroad? We used Airbnb exclusively throughout Italy, and found the process to be just as secure and convenient as in the states. If anything, Airbnb Italy owners were even easier to work with, and the lodging savings were even … [Read more...]

The Rome you may have missed: Why book a Walks of Italy tour

For anyone who can say, “I’ve seen the major sights of Rome, what next?” the answer is Walks of Italy’s Hidden Gems and Ancient Wonders tour. Perfect for adults and teens, this 3.5 hour tour dips in and out of the city and suburbs or Rome to hit upon a somewhat arbitrary yet completely fascinating bouquet of small stops. None of the sights on the tour take more than thirty minutes to view, and … [Read more...]

Pompeii or Ostia Antica: Which to include as a day trip from Rome

Click on just about any message board or forum about Roman travel, and you'll see the question, "Should we go to Pompeii or Ostia Antica during our trip to Rome? After debating the question for ourselves last month as we planned our own Roman holiday, I can tell you there's no easy answer. For those in the early stages of planning, here's the scoop: Pompeii is, of course, the site of the … [Read more...]

How to See a Family-Friendly Italy on a Budget

First off, I want to thank Amy and Kate for hosting me on this blog. There's a ton of great information on here for everything from summer trips to ski vacations, and I love that. Hopefully this post is a good complement to Amy's post on day trips around Rome—Rome has some neat history for sure, but so do so many of the nearby towns! Travelling with your family has its challenges, but it's a … [Read more...]