10 easy ways to decorate your hotel room for the holidays

The Pit Stops for Kids crew will be spending the holidays in a Tahoe vacation home this year, so I'm making plans now to make our stay as festive as we'd enjoy at home. If you, too, will be spending your winter holidays away from home, we have 10 easy ways to decorate your hotel room for the holidays...or any condo or vacation home! Decorate condo or hotel room windows or porch with a string … [Read more...]

Winter vacation home rental process made easy

Ever rented a vacation home for a family holiday? Worried it might be a complicated process? Not sure how to go about it? Pit Stops for Kids can help! This post was originally published in 2010, when we rented our first winter vacation home in Lake Tahoe through HomeAway. In the years since, we've rented homes several times, including two more Tahoe homes (once through Northstar California, and … [Read more...]

Skiing with a Tween at Sierra-at-Tahoe

This post was originally published as part of our Home (Away) for the Holidays series. It's easy to find kid-friendly skiing in Tahoe, but what about those hard to please tweens and teens? I spent an extra day at Sierra-at-Tahoe last week with Nate, during which we noted what worked for his age group (middle school) and ability level (advanced). Sierra at Tahoe is not too big, and not … [Read more...]

Home (Away) for the Holidays: Preparing for winter driving

During the holiday season, the Pit Stops family is often on the road, en route to Lake Tahoe, California or Central Oregon for a family ski vacation. If you'll be traveling in winter weather as well, revisit our Home (Away) for the Holidays series, with tips on getting a holiday vacation rental, playing in the snow, and preparing for a winter vacation. Our first challenge? Packing all the … [Read more...]

Home (Away) for the Holidays: HeliTahoe Helicopter Tours

If you're looking for a truly unique experience during your winter family vacation in the South Lake Tahoe area, book a helicopter tour with Tahoe's only helicopter sightseeing operation, HeliTahoe! With tour prices starting at just $70 per person, this breathtaking tour of the lake is no more extravagant than a day of skiing or afternoon of snowmobiling, and it's a treat no one will … [Read more...]

Home (Away) for the Holidays: Adventure Mountain

If you have thrill-seeking kids when it comes to sledding, you'll want to stop at Adventure Mountain near Echo Summit on Highway 50 for great family-friendly snow play in South Tahoe. Much more than just your neighborhood sledding hill, Adventure Mountain features multiple downhill runs divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections, walking paths up to the top, and, at least when we … [Read more...]

Home (Away) for the Holidays: Zephyr Cove Resort Snowmobiling

During our week-long stay in our HomeAway vacation home in South Lake Tahoe, we were only minutes away from skiing, snow play, and other area attractions. On Christmas Eve, we took the opportunity to try a snowmobiling tour with Zephyr Cove Resort, located just past the Nevada border on Tahoe's South Shore. Our tour was scheduled for 2 pm (they offer 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm tours daily during … [Read more...]

Home (Away) for the Holidays: Five things to do from our front door

As you know, we loved our HomeAway vacation rental in South Tahoe. Not only is this house idyllic, comfortable, and convenient, but it sits right in the midst of Eldorado National Forest, providing acres of wilderness to explore right from the front door. It's not in a neighborhood of multi-million dollar mansions lining Lake Tahoe, for which we couldn't have been happier. Instead, it's located … [Read more...]

Home (Away) for the Holidays: Sierra at Tahoe’s Blizzard Mountain

Sierra at Tahoe is a wonderful place for families to ski or ride, but sometimes, you just want to take it easy with a day of snow play. Or maybe you have young children who aren't up for a day on the slopes quite yet. Either way, if your idea of a fun family winter activity is a day in the snow, Sierra's Blizzard Mountain might be just the thing! Located conveniently away from the hustle and … [Read more...]

Home (Away) for the Holidays: Sierra at Tahoe ski resort

We're a family who loves to ski. We've visited many ski resorts, including a large sampling of what the Lake Tahoe area has to offer. During our Home (Away) for the Holidays vacation week, our rental home is right at the base of Sierra at Tahoe resort, so we checked it out. In a word: Wow. We don't say that lightly, but Sierra at Tahoe has so much going for it, we were floored. It is, … [Read more...]