Maine with kids: Baxter State Park backcountry itinerary for families

Baxter State Park is Maine's largest expanse of untamed public wilderness. With almost 210,000 acres to explore, where do you start? Our Baxter State Park backcountry itinerary for families includes days in the frontcountry enjoying Baxter's car camping options, several days in Baxter's backcountry, then a rest day to play and explore before departure. Baxter's scope and size is on a national … [Read more...]

Family mountain biking tips and gear

Our family loves mountain biking. Many outdoor-focused resorts now offer mountain bike rentals and mountain bike single track, and we discovered the sport while traveling. Right away, our kids wanted to mountain bike at home, too. Here's what we've learned about finding family mountain biking trails (at home and while on the road), how to best transport your bikes, and the gear it's helpful to … [Read more...]

Hiking to AMC huts: how to plan your Appalachian Mountain Club adventure

After our East Coast Pit Stops for Kids family tried out Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)'s Highland Center Lodge during a winter break, they knew they had to come back for a summer stay, hiking to AMC huts! What are AMC huts? They're a network of hike-in lodges operated by Appalachian Mountain Club. Hikers can depart for huts from trailheads, or from the Highland Center Lodge. We sent our … [Read more...]

Two ways to ski backcountry terrain on your next ski trip

If you’re one of those skiers or snowboarders who looks up at the most distant peak from the chairlift and says, “How do I get up there?” or notes tracks in fresh powder and wishes you’d put them there, you may want to elevate your next ski trip to include a day of backcountry terrain. Or, if you have teens (16 or older) who are yearning to learn what AT or touring skiing is all about, it might be … [Read more...]

Central Oregon activities: kayaking the Cascade Lakes with Wanderlust Tours

If you're enjoying a Central Oregon vacation and wondering what to do with kids in Bend or the surrounding areas, Wanderlust Tours offers outdoor excursions that will introduce you to Oregon's Cascade Lakes and other wilderness areas while everyone has fun. Located in Bend, Wanderlust offers a full range of outdoor excursions, including cave tours, kayaking Cascade Lakes, canoeing, volcano … [Read more...]

What to expect on an O.A.R.S. river rafting trip

Earlier this month, we enjoyed our fourth multi-night rafting trip with O.A.R.S. If you do something four times, it's because you love it, and there are very few vacations we've loved as much as O.A.R.S. trips. This unique family vacation combines some of our favorite things: outdoor exploration, adventure, isolation and off-the-grid family time, and conservation. And it packages all these … [Read more...]

Deschutes river rafting with Sun Country Tours

During our recent visit to Pronghorn Club, we were fortunate enough to enjoy the Big Eddy rafting trip with Bend, Oregon's Sun Country Tours. 'Short but sweet', the Big Eddy trip is only 1.5 hours long (2.5 door-to-door from Sun Country) but promises more whitewater than most families see on the average float or raft trip (at least it was more than we had seen!). Deschutes river rafting: Our … [Read more...]

Summer in the Berkshires: Bousquet Mountain Adventure Park review

Bousquet Ski Area’s Adventure Park is a vertical playground of high rope courses, zip lines, nets, and ladders, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful Berkshires. With three levels of course ‘elements’ to master, everyone will be challenged here, and everyone can get a taste of what ropes courses are all about.   Bousquet Mountain Adventure Park review: We met first with our … [Read more...]

Dominican Republic with kids: 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua

Located in the countryside outside of Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic, the 27 Waterfalls of Damajuana is the most talked-about experience on the north side of the island. Is it worthy of the hype? In a word, yes. What is the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua? The 27 Charcos of Damajagua is exactly what it sounds like: 27 waterfalls in a row in the middle of the Dominican jungle. Unregulated until … [Read more...]

Aboard a small ship cruise: Day by day with Alaskan Dream Cruises

When I told friends and family we'd be experiencing SE Alaska on a cruise ship, the image that came to everyone's mind included a huge ocean liner, busy ports of call, fancy restaurants, kids clubs, and maybe a climbing wall. After all, kids don't go on those intimate small ship cruises you read about, right? Wrong! (You knew that was coming, didn't you?) Small ship cruise options are more … [Read more...]

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