Travel gifts for kids: affordable POV action cam picks

Do your kids want a POV camera or camcorder for Christmas? Tweens and teens love POV cams, and mine are no exception. However, these rugged, adaptable action video cameras can be expensive! Below are two affordable POV action cam picks that won’t set you back and will keep your kids happy during outdoor travel adventures.

best action POV cam

Kids love to challenge themselves and try new skills, and with action cams, they can record their feats, post them on social media sites, and share with friends. My kids bring action cameras to the ski slopes, on mountain biking trails, and even underwater.

Sony Wifi Action Video Camera:

The Sony Action Cam is less expensive than a Go Pro, with all the same bells and whistles. Kids can mount the camera on their helmets, take them on or under water with the waterproof case, strap them to their handlebars, or wrap them around their head with a headband. The Action Cam is small enough to toss into a lightweight backpack or even a jacket pocket, and with only one button for on and off, gloves don’t even have to come off to get the scene rolling. Unlike a Go Pro, the Action Cam does not have a screen, but kids can sync the camera straight to a smart phone. (There are pros and cons of this: see our full Action Cam review for details.) We like the HD quality and the fact that with wifi enabled, we can upload our videos instantly. It can also be used with a USB cable or photo card. Pick it up as a family gift for under $230 on Amazon.

Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Action Video Camera:

The Chameleon is unique in that it shoots duel perspectives simultaneously. While capturing the speed of her snowboard on the snow, your daughter can also video the expression on her own face. Both perspectives are displayed together on a split screen view. The Chameleon is more lightweight than the Sony Action Cam, but also a little less rugged. A waterproof case can be bought as an accessory, as well as helmet mounts and pole/handlebar mounts. It fits in the palm of your hand, and captures full HD video. Like the Sony, video is transferred via photo card or USB, but cannot be transferred wirelessly. Grab it for only $199 on Amazon.

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