Ski trip planning hack: Using GetOutfitted to rent ski wear

Ski and snowboard wear is expensive--very expensive, in fact--and for some families, the cost to outfit everyone for one or two ski trips per season is simply not worth it. Our family skis much more often than that, but with the rate my teens are growing, I never know what will still fit them, even from month to month! Enter an interesting solution: GetOutfitted. What is GetOutfitted? It's a new … [Read more...]

Family ski wear checklist: What you need and which brands are best

Ski season is upon us, and if you're a skiing family, you're busy cataloguing your gear and checking to see what fits each family member. If you don't ski often, you may not be outfitted yet at all. If you only ski once a year or so, we highly recommend using a ski wear rental service like Get Outfitted (see our full review), but if you plan to go several times this winter, it's worth investing in … [Read more...]

Travel Gear We Use: Ski day accessories

Today on┬áTravel Gear We Use, we're talking ski accessories. The following ski gear items are products we use either to make ski days more fun or more affordable. Both are high on my list when planning ski trips! Goggle Graffiti: Haven't heard of Goggle Graffiti, or seen it on the slopes yet? Neither had we, until we tried it out. These fun labels attach to your kids' goggles, and add both … [Read more...]

Travel gifts for kids: affordable POV action cam picks

Do your kids want a POV camera or camcorder for Christmas? Tweens and teens love POV cams, and mine are no exception. However, these rugged, adaptable action video cameras can be expensive! Below are two affordable POV action cam picks that won't set you back and will keep your kids happy during outdoor travel adventures. Kids love to challenge themselves and try new skills, and with action … [Read more...]