New travel gear: Tuo Travel Undergarment Organizer

We love using packing cubes. I’m a huge believer in organized luggage, with everything in its place. It saves parents time and sanity when on vacation with kids. This is why I’m excited to introduce a brand new packing solution: the Tuo Travel Undergarment Organizer. This innovative product is still in Kickstarter, with pre-orders accepted. The Tuo will retail for $60, but backers get a great discount.


So what makes this undergarment organizer worth $60? Quite frankly, it’s the most versatile packing solution we’ve ever seen. It can hang in multiple ways for easy use in hotel rooms, in cars, and even in airplanes (more on that below), it’s very well-made and sturdy, with oversized zipper pulls, and it’s smart: there are pockets within pockets and a nice fold design for fairly flat storage.

What we love:

  • Three large main compartments, all with mesh fronts, so we can see what’s inside. Two of the three compartments have secondary, pocket-sized compartments within the compartment.
  • Nice snap-closure, with straps that convert to hanging straps when you’re in your destination.
  • Three-fold flat-storage design.


What we use it for:

The undergarment organizer is meant for undergarments, of course. It’s designed to be used by a single person, storing 7 days of underwear, socks, small accessories, swimwear, and the like. Honestly, there’s more room in this organizer than what I need personally when packing for a solo trip. However, for use with a family, it’s genius. The Tuo can easily store the underwear, socks, hair clips, and jammies of up to three young kids, or can store one child’s entire wardrobe in summer: t-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, and undergarments. We also plan to use it for:

  • Storing toys, games, and entertainment on road trips (it can easily secure to the back of a seat)
  • Storing zip-locked snacks and entertainment on an airplane.
  • Storing an entire family’s toiletries, including medications and other important items you should always carry-on with you on planes.

Note: the Tuo also comes with a small laundry bag, divided into two compartments. We found this bag too small to be useful for laundry (from a family travel standpoint), but do use it as a separate packing cube.


About the author

Amy Whitley AUTHOR: Amy Whitley is the founding editor of Pit Stops for Kids and content editor of Trekaroo. She writes on staff monthly as a family travel expert at Go Green Travel Green and Practical Travel Gear, and contributes to Outdoors NW as an outdoor adventure traveler. Find Amy at Google.




  1. Michael Smith says:

    This looks just like the Rolo Travel Bag! ( Rolo was also featured on Kickstarter and is a great way to organize your clothes. I love it!

  2. Great to know! Thanks for sharing.

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