Travel gear we use: Best shoulder season hoodie

Everyone needs the perfect shoulder season hoodie, whether they travel with kids, adventure travel, camp and ski, or all of the above (like us!). This review, featuring the Appalachian Gear Company’s All-Paca fleece hoodie, is the last you’ll need to read.

Best shoulder season hoodie: Appalachian Gear Company All-Paca hoodie review

What makes this hoodie so great:

It’s made from 100 percent Alpaca fiber, which makes it super soft, lightweight, easy to pack, never wrinkly, and breathable. This hoodie can take a beating…so far, I’ve traveled with it to rural Mexico where it endured dirt road travel, sandy beaches, and salt water, and into the mountains of Oregon, where it kept me oh-so-warm during shoulder season camping.

Because it’s so warm, despite being fairly thin and lightweight, the All-Paca fleece hoodie saves you all kinds of room in you day pack or carry-on. You won’t need to layer as much as usual; just toss the All-Paca into your backpack, and feel confident you can hike, explore, or bike in just a t-shirt.

The knit structure provides natural wicking, allowing perspiration to escape easily. I usually change out my seasonal outdoor gear and clothing twice a year, but the All-Paca hoodie will be one of those items that stay with me in winter AND in summer. It’s ideal right now, during the shoulder seasons in the Pacific Northwest.

The All-Paca is made in the USA, in Charlotte, NC, and even though it’s made from Alpaca wool, you can machine wash it. The good news: you don’t have to wash this hoodie after every wear. And while you can put it in the dryer, I opted to air dry mine (babying it a bit!) to ensure zero shrinkage. It dries super fast! The All-Paca tends to run a little bit large, so take that into consideration, but it’s nice to have a little extra room to play with, for layering.

Pick up this shoulder season hoodie in XS-XL in four colors for $153. It also comes in men’s sizing, and once you’re sold on the hoodie, you may want to check out Appalachian Gear Company’s alpaca tees and crews.

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