Travel Gear We Use: Spring travel wear from Aventura Clothing

As you may have seen if you follow our Pit Stops for Kids social channels, I am again an ambassador for Aventura Clothing this year. What does this mean? It means I help Aventura promote their products with my honest reviews and endorsement of the spring travel wear I think works well for women traveling with their families. You can see my photos on the Aventura website, which is as close as I’ll ever come to modeling, and you’ll see me wearing Aventura in my Instagram feed and Facebook posts, because I authentically do wear it all the time.

Basically, my job is to show how the brand works for me, in my daily life and in my travels, because I genuinely love the products Aventura sells.

Why I love Aventura Clothing:


It’s comfortable, practical, and stylish. Those who know me well can attest that I barely remember to check a mirror before walking out the door, and rarely take the time to put together a killer outfit. When I find a brand that’s stylish without much effort from me, I’m sold. And Aventura Clothing is designed to fit regular, healthy women…no tiny sizing here that will depress you. Best of all, most of Aventura’s pieces are organic cotton, which is environmentally-friendly and also helpful when traveling…shirts won’t wrinkle!

What I’m loving from Aventura this spring:

One of the perks of my ambassador position with Aventura is the opportunity to try out quite a few pieces each season. Yes, this is very fun! This spring, Aventura has quite a few new looks, ranging from fun tie-dye prints to floral designs to classic layering pieces. My absolute favorites are rounded up below.


Brielyn Striped Dress: I absolutely must have cotton dresses in my spring wardrobe. Dresses take half (or less) the room in suitcases as pants and shirts, and they look dressier and more festive when traveling. The Brielyn is a striped jersey dress with elbow-length sleeves that’s 50% organic cotton. It comes in four bright colors with crisscrossing contrast seams. Pair with: Wesley Sweater, an awesome cotton-cashmere sweater wrap ideal for chilly nights by the pool or on the plane.

Fleur Dress: This dress is v-necked and sleeveless, but still very casual. I love it because it’s stretchy (an organic cotton-spandex blend) and can go from day to night. Again, no extra packing needed. You can tell I’m a minimalist! It comes in three colors with distressed stripes on the hem.

Poet Tank: You’ll need at least two of these, which works out, because it comes in two color patterns. The talisman print on the Poet Tank dresses it up, so you can wear it to dinner in addition to yoga class. This is going to be a summer staple for me. Also needed: Bienne strappy camisole…under-layers are crucial when traveling.

Hathaway Top: Everyone needs at least one collared, button-down shirt for those days you need some coverage on your shoulders. Maybe you need to give your skin a break from the sun, or maybe you’re visiting a place where you need to cover up, like a cathedral. The Hathaway top is done is pastel colors for spring, is organic cotton, and feels very light when worn. It goes in my bag every time!

Galina Capri: I know skinny jeans are popular, but I just need a pair of pants with a little more give when I’m traveling. The Galina is just form-fitting enough to look tailored but still be roomy enough when I’m sitting a lot on airplanes. It’s cotton-spandex with a 26″ inseam, and comes in four colors.

Hats and scarves! Just get some! A hat or a scarf will instantly add class to any summer outfit, guaranteed. My favorite hat this spring is the Cruz sun hat, offering serious sun protection while looking cute and a little bit funky. But there are quite a few to choose from! The Cruz will be joining me on a cruise very shortly (how apt!) and I’ll be wearing the Phoebe this summer as well.

Want to try Aventura for yourself?

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