Travel gear: Smart items to pack in your personal item

Whether it is a family trip, vacation, trekking trip, or a business trip, everyone faces the problem of packing the right stuff into our handbag, tote, backpack or other personal item. Packing for a trip needs planning that is a lot demanding than planning for the trip itself. For this reason, I have come up with a strategy about smart things that need to be in our handbag or a carry-on bag before anything else for much safer and happier travel.


Traveling smartly: smart items to pack in your personal item

This is an era of smart products, and from our laptops to mobile phones, everything is smart. These items have made our lives easier and much more comfortable. Smart, multi-tasking things are the best to keep in your handbag as they take small space, and can help us do multiple tasks with them. In the past, everyone had to carry heavy laptops in our backpacks. And setting them up to do even a simple task of booking an online ticket was near impossible at any holiday destination.

However, smart products such as mobile phone and tablets have made our lives easier and simpler. Being smarter, and evolving with smart products have brought a lot of positive changes to our lives. On my last trip to Thailand, I was able to find a handsome discount on my flight ticket. All I did was to click on, and all the discount deals, cheap flight ticket, accommodation, and traveling transfers were in front of me. Smart traveling always pays off.

Why a handbag?

A handbag or tote is everyone’s best friend on a traveling trip as it seems so compact, yet it offers a great deal of space. It keeps reminding everyone that they need to pack little and light, however when people exceed that limit, it still has enough room for extra essentials.

Smart items to pack in your handbag

It doesn’t matter that you are an experienced traveler, or going on your first trip, you always need to plan your packing. You need to make a check of everything that you may need where you are going. You also need to make a checklist of all the important documents that you may need to keep. Following is a list of smart things that every traveler needs to pack in their handbag. These items will make their traveling much easier and comfortable. So read on and do carry these items on your next trip.

Medicines and prescription drugs

Most people make the mistake of packing their medicines and prescription drugs in their luggage. This doesn’t seem a big mistake a person can make; however, if you come across any need in an emergency, you will have nothing to do instead of waiting out all journey. People who rely heavily on their prescribed drugs and meds, it is imperative for them to carry their stuff in a handbag instead of luggage as they may need them during their time in the air. Airlines also misplace or even lose the luggage sometimes, so it is wise to keep all the important medicines in your handbag or carry-on bag.

Collapsible water bottle

Most airlines don’t allow water bottles in your hand-carry or personal item bags. But keeping a collapsible water bottle may pass the security checks. We don’t recommend you to take what isn’t allowed on the plane. However, air compression can get you thirsty more often, and you cannot call a host that often. So it is wise to keep one collapsible water bottle in your carry-on.

All kinds of documents

Keep all your documents in your handbag. Airlines can misplace your luggage and we don’t want you to go through all that inconvenience of reissuing those documents or finding your bag.

Tablets, Laptops, and mobile phones

When you are traveling, it is important to keep all your electronic items such as a laptop, tablet and mobile phones in your handbag. These items are prone to stealing, and luggage is vulnerable as it isn’t with us all the time. Airport authorities also handle our luggage with no care at all and just toss our stuff here and there. Our valuable electronic items can easily break in the transit, which can become a great source of inconvenience.

Charging devices

When we are on an airplane, or at an airport, we tend to kill our time but we have limited options. In this scenario, our laptops or mobile phones are the best sources of entertainment we have. However, their battery can easily run out, which leaves us asking other people for their chargers. To skip the embarrassment, it is imperative to keep all your chargers in the handbag.

Universal plug/adapter

When traveling abroad, we come across charging plugs that have the weirdest opening sockets. This leaves us no choice but to wait until the end of our long journey and recharge our phones and laptops at our hotel. To avoid this inconvenience, always carry a universal plug or adapter with you, so that you can use it anywhere you want to charge your phone.

One extra pair of undergarments and socks

Keeping one extra pair of undergarments and socks in your handbag is surely a smart move. Sometimes you travel to places that are hot and you can avail a chance to take a dip in a fountain or a pool. However, you don’t because you have no extra pair of undies and socks. For this reason, keep one extra pair all the time in your handbag. When traveling in a plane, you can also need a pair of socks to keep your feet warm, as air temperature can drop with air compression.

Mouth freshener

Mouth freshener is a smart item to carry in a handbag. Sometimes traveling takes a very long time to reach your destination, and you don’t get a chance to brush your teeth after eating something or taking a nap. Nobody wants a bad odor to come out of his or her mouth. For this reason, it is wise to keep a mouth freshener sweet or gum.

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