Summer activities at Utah Olympic Park

If you’re staying in Park City, Utah in summer, definitely take time away from historic downtown and your resort pool to play for the day at Utah Olympic Park. Fun in winter, the park is even more action-packed during the summer months. Here’s what you can expect in terms of summer activities at Utah Olympic Park.

See Olympians training:

The park was built for the 2002 Olympic Games, and remains a training ground for ski jump, bobsled, and more. Most days at the park, guests can watch youth and adults training at the facilities. There’s also a free museum on Olympic history that’s well worth checking out.

utah olympic park

Play on the zip-lines and ropes course:

For only $40 per person (far less than the cost of a ski ticket in winter!), kids get unlimited use of zip-lines, high ropes courses, and more. Guests choose from three levels of Adventure Courses: our eight-year-old opted for the most basic course, but quickly realized he was ready for more. It was no problem to send him on his way to try the more challenging elements. We loved the flexibility of the courses, and the all-inclusive rate.  Kids as young as five can start on the Discovery Adventure. The Canyons Adventure is designed for age seven and up, while the Summit Adventure is for the most daring. There’s even a Drop Tower for taller kids.

Try a chair lift ride:

For kids who are not skiers, a chair lift ride is a great way to experience a fun aspect of the sport. And the views from the top of the chair include most of the valley, plus a new perspective on the challenging ski jump chute. Rides are inexpensive and a great compliment to a museum visit for younger kids or adults.

Go on the bobsled:

Older kids can experience the thrill of a bobsled ride on the only full-length course in North America. This ride is less intense than its winter equivalent (and less expensive) but still offers 5 G’s of force as you twist and turn down 15 curves behind a professional driver.

Experience zip-lines:

The Utah Olympic Park zip lines propel riders 50 mph. We loved that there are two side by side, so family members can enjoy this together.  There’s also a more kid-friendly freestyle zip-line, which is shorter and less steep.

Try the alpine slide:

Perfect for younger kids, the alpine slide is tame enough for anyone (kids can ride with parents) but exciting enough to keep teens entertained riding solo. The slide is built with stainless steel construction, with straight-aways, drops and 18 banked turns.

Date last visited: June 2013

Distance from the interstate: minutes from I-40

Admission: Gold Day Pass is $65 for adults, $40 for kids, and includes everything except the bobsled ride ($75 extra cost). Some activities are unlimited. See details. Single activities can be purchased separately as well, for very reasonable prices between $5-$15.

Summer hours: hours for various activities vary, but generally, attractions start opening by 10 am and close at 6 pm.

Directions: The Utah Olympic Park is located at 3419 Olympic Pkwy. From Park City or The Canyons Resort, easily follow well-marked signage.

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