Six unique adventures in Thailand for kids

Bumpy bus rides, annoying airport queues and lack of kids’ adventures makes difficult to travel with young ones. But choosing the right family destination can be the ideal solution. But what are some great kids-worthy destinations? I want to highlight Thailand as good choice. For a long time, the country has been taunted the ideal family destination due to its numerous pleasure incursions. From the tuk tuk rides to boat rides across the islands, Thailand offers incredible kids’ escapades. Sample these six unique incursions when you’re in the country with your kids! 

Adventures in Thailand:


Elephant World 

Nothing works best like mingling with animals and mostly the largest mammals walking on earth today. Elephant viewing is an all-time favorite attraction in Thailand. It’s popular with both kids and adults tourists. One thing that’s unique to Thailand is that elephants are tamed and domesticated. This is what makes them friendly to mingle with the human. There are numerous places where you have the best elephant experience, but we would recommend the elephant world in Kanchanaburi. This is a farm that takes care of the old or injured elephants. Kids can spend the entire day petting, feeding, and bathing the elephants. Trust me; your kids will love this. 

Golden Buddha and Lucky Palace Temples 

When you mention Thailand, Buddha temples automatically come in the minds of most people. It’s amazing how the country has been able to convert religion to a tourist attraction. Most of the Buddha and lucky palace temples have been in existence for centuries making them a prime tourist attraction. Some of these temples have numerous mythical stories, and kids love listening to them. The temples are extremely gorgeous, and the art used in their construction is breathtaking. These temples are all over the country, but we recommend Bangkok ones. They are incredibly beautiful and the ambiance around these places are exceptionally great for kids. 

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market 

This is another adventure that’s unique to Thailand. In fact, it has been taunted as one of the all-time favorite attractions in the country. These markets provide a unique experience to tourists where they get to enjoy shopping and having fun boats. What makes the markets an interesting phenomenon is the fact that you’ll be buying everything on the boat. This is definitely something that your kids will love. Among kids’ favorites includes sugar cane candy amongst others. Kids can also enjoy some of the local cuisines in these floating markets. Just make sure that you have selected the right boat and ensure that you’ve bargained since everything here is overpriced. There are numerous places to enjoy float floating market experience, but we recommend Ratchaburi. 

Visiting River Kwai Bridge Areas in Kanchanaburi 

Exploring River Kwai Bridge and its environment has over the years been attracting tourists of all ages. It’s simply a cocktail of modern and old Thailand. It’s an awesome area hosting numerous attractions and escapades for kids. First, there are multiple restaurants where kids can enjoy some of the best local cuisines. Being best known for the World War Two, the areas also hosts one of the famous war museums with a huge collection of war artifacts for kids to see. We cannot also forget to mention that your kids can also enjoy feeding the fish in the great Amazon water fish tankery at this place. There are also a number of kids amenities such as massage parlors offering Thai massage for kids. 

 Erawan Falls 

Located in the Erawan National Park, this is a breathtaking place for your kid. Hidden deep in the forest, the falls attracts thousands of tourists both local and international. What makes the Erawan fall exciting is both the journey to the place and the beautiful natural ambiance it provides. We recommend that you take a motorbike ride to the place to enjoy the incredible beauty of the countryside and Erawan National Park’s vegetation and animals. Erawan falls are seven in number, each with a unique feel and mood. Kids will enjoy swimming at the bottom of the waterfalls and just have fun in a “natural swimming pool.” 

Beach Combing and Swimming 

Kids love water, and if allowed, they would spend most of their time having fun around water. In fact, they will be less of a disturbance if left alone in waters. With numerous beaches all over – famously in Krabi and Koh Lanta, Thailand stands out as the best beach destination for kids. Most of the beaches, particularly in Ko Chang and Phuket amongst others have shallow seas and low tides making it safe for kids to swim and have fun. Beaches also provide numerous pleasure incursions such as beach football or handball for families. Places such as Hua Hin have long sandy beaches that can allow for such beach activities. Older kids can also enjoy surfing, riding and sea fishing.

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