Seven destinations for family biking vacations

Introducing your children to an active lifestyle has become more challenging with skyrocketing technological innovations. During family biking vacations, kids can quickly develop poor fitness and eating habits that lead to chronic diseases later in life without consistent physical activity. Limiting your child’s screen time to roughly two hours per day and encouraging spending time outdoors can significantly impact their mental and physical well being.


Guide your family through health-based lifestyle changes by speaking to them about the importance of physical activity and maintaining a health and fitness routine yourself. If your children are less than enthusiastic about routine workouts and dietary additions, enroll them in an exciting sport or plan an exercise-centered vacation to get them in the spirit. 

In particular, biking trips are an excellent way to prevent your family from becoming sedentary couch potatoes while strengthening your bond and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Traversing unfamiliar locations at your own pace sans tour group is an engaging, fulfilling way to explore the world around you. 

Before you embark on a cycling adventure, you’ll need to prepare your bikes for transportation. Investing in a durable rack is crucial when lugging your beloved two-wheeler across the country. If you want to forgo the frame, carefully secure your bike with self-gripping straps to ensure safe, stress-free travels. Now that you’re ready to embark on a new adventure, examine the best cycle-friendly destinations and head out for the family trip you won’t soon forget. 

Choosing a bike for your youngster 

Before you land on the perfect destination, equip your youngsters with a sturdy, well-made bike. Parents should choose models that are lightweight and easy to maneuver, like those with aluminum frames. Determine which tire size works for your child, as the wrong measurements can result in discomfort and loss of control. If your children are toddlers, a 12-inch model should do the trick. For older kids aged six to ten, a 20-inch bike should do the trick.

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Discovery Trail, Washington 

Discovery trail in Washington is a scenic route, comfortable for all ages. Landing at 8.5 miles, riders will cut through sand dunes and meander along rolling curves. Awe-inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean offer a diverse landscape, and 20-foot trees will make your family feel like forest wanderers. 

Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike Trail, Kentucky

This green park features beautiful paved trails, swimming holes, and 365 miles of underground caves. Your family will jump at the chance to explore the grounds between cycling sessions, and the covered pathways are ideal for beginner bikers. 

Shining Sea Bikeway, Massachusetts 

Shining sea bikeway sits alongside Cape Cod’s peaceful shoreline. Sailing along the ocean on an established pathway will allow your family to relax as you glide by the sweet serenade of the sea. As you traverse the sandy beaches, look out for wildlife and curious otters and snap a photo for long-lasting memories. 

Shark Valley Trail, Florida 

At Shark Valley train in Florida, your children will beam at the opportunity to bike amongst mighty gators. Cycle through the gorgeous Everglades and safely travel past dozens of gators for a thrill of a lifetime. The vibrant green ecosystem and warm weather make for an unforgettable getaway and easy-going bike ride. 

Mid-Mountain Trail, Utah 

Located in the mountainous Park City, Utah, this trail is ideal for families looking to push their endurance and improve their cycling skills. Twenty-five miles of trail steadily climbs to mountain peaks, connecting three iconic ski resorts. This quintessential track is beloved by locals and biking tourists alike, often names one of the best in the country

Memorial Park Trails, Texas

These Houston trails allow you to explore the park at your own pace. Although some routes are more explored than others, your kids will likely come across countless friendly tikes on bikes. Other trails, like Little Cambodia, feature a more challenging terrain and separation, creating an intimate, private biking experience.

Teaching your kids healthy habits starts by getting them excited about exercise. Biking vacations allow your children to enjoy physical activity while becoming a tradition your family looks forward to all year long.

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