Sanctuary One farm stay

The following review was submitted by Pit Stops for Kids grandmother Julie Hagstrom.

Located on 55 acres in Oregon’s beautiful Applegate valley, Sanctuary One was established in 2007 as the nation’s first care farm. It provides a safe home to rescued farm animals and house pets. And that’s what makes its farm stay experience unique. Sanctuary One is a member of U.S. Farm Stay Association and wants to show you what care farming is all about!


My grandson, age 10, and I took advantage of this farm stay opportunity on April 18, 2015. I made my reservation on line and received a phone call from the farm’s director the same day. He wanted to know what time we planned to arrive, how long we were staying and what our expectations were. Because my grandson wanted as much hands on time with the animals as possible, he encouraged us to arrive in time for the evening chores. Kyler was in the office when we got there and gave us a tour of the house.

The farm stay “suite” is a large room with a private bath in the main house. No meals are served but there is a fully equipped community kitchen. The room was neat and clean with a queen bed, but Kyler offered to bring in an extra mattress if we wanted it.

After exploring the property, we met Danni on the porch for evening chores. This was where the fun really began. She called it “putting the animals to bed” and it took us almost three hours to take care of them all! From the dog kennel to the cat cottage, the chicken coop (where we collected eggs) to the bunny hutch we followed Danni. She not only encouraged Tobias to help her with feeding and rounding up the animals, but she shared with us the various animals’ stories and what brought them to Sanctuary One.


Most of the animals come from animal shelters, police investigations/rescues or people who can no longer care for the animal. They have been either severely neglected or abused and no longer trust people. Danni’s love for the animals and her commitment to their recovery was inspiring. This is what sets Sanctuary One apart from other farm stays—they want their guests to interact with the animals by talking to them, petting them and playing with them in order to gain back their trust. After the bunnies, we brought in the pigs, llamas, alpacas, horses, cows, ducks, and geese for the night!

Once we were done with evening chores, we put our take-and-bake pizza in the oven, Tobias took a luxurious bath and we went to bed. But there was a television in the common room if we had wanted to stay up longer.

We met Sansa at 7:30 for the morning chores after indulging in our cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. The morning routine with Sansa was the reverse of the evening routine, the animals bounding out of their enclosures and gobbling down their breakfast. As we went through the morning chores, Sansa pointed out things that Tobias and I could do once the animals were fed. She suggested walking one of the dogs or just playing with them in the agility yard. There were chores to be done in the cat cottage and bunny run as well as plenty of horse poop to clean up!


We decided to walk Banjo, a rescued dog, along a trail through the beautiful pine forest that led to a look out. Then Tobias played in the cat cottage after washing the cat dishes. There was list of things volunteers could do in each habitat and always on the list was “play time”—Tobias’ favorite. We even cleaned the corral before we left for the day.

Again, what made this farm stay experience unique is that it is a rehabilitation farm for all kinds of animals and pets, not a working dairy or sheep farm, and visitors are encouraged to interact with the animals. Because of its location, swimming in the Applegate River or kayaking on Applegate Lake are good daytime options as well as wine tasting in the Applegate Valley.


Date last visited:

April 2015

Distance from the interstate:

Sanctuary One is about 25 minutes from I-5.


$75/night for double occupancy. $10 for additional people. The suite is designed for two people, but in summer months, many more can be accommodated with tents (bring your own)!


Sanctuary One is located at 13195 Upper Applegate Road, Double Oak Farm, Jacksonville OR.