Safe holiday travel tips and Master Lock Safe Space review

An average of 34% of Americans spend 1-3 nights away from home during the holidays. Will you and your family be away?  Master Lock, maker of luggage locks and the innovative Safe Space, offers five tips for safe holiday travel:

safe holiday travel

1. Keep that lived in look. In 2010, more than 1.8 million homes were burglarized with 400,000 of those burglaries taking place between November and December3. Making the home appear active while away can discourage potential break-ins. Set a timer for both inside and outside lights to switch on and off and turn a radio or TV on to create the illusion that someone is home. Hold your mail deliveries at, and contact your other providers to stop newspaper and package drop-offs while you’re away. Of course a good standby to rely on is a adequate security system, some of which you can view here. Consider it a watchdog when you’re away.

2. Toast don’t post. Resist the temptation to update your social network accounts with travel plans to avoid having the news of the unoccupied status of your home fall into the wrong hands. Instead, spend that time in the company of friends and family toasting to health and happiness, and wait to post photos of holiday fun until you return home.

3. Check (Twice) Before Travel. Before departing for a holiday destination, check the schedules and status of your flight, train or traffic route to stay aware of delays, bad weather and other potential changes. Checking in on the status of your method of travel will guarantee you are prepared for any delays and keep you calm during the holiday rush. And don’t forget to double-check your travel documents before leaving the house.

4. Activity and Emergency Kits Are Key. Whether traveling by train or car, always carry a first aid kit stocked with bottled water, snacks, medication, bandages, a flashlight and cell phone charger. Should you encounter a problem or a long distance between rest-stops on your route, these items can help keep you nourished and your travel companions busy. Keep children occupied by bringing fun games or movies to lessen driving distractions. If traveling by car, have it inspected by a mechanic or someone you trust before a long journey to make sure all systems are primed and tires are filled.

5. Lock It Down & Carry It On. A reported 200 items are stolen each day from JFK Airport4, one of the busiest airports in the world. Keep your valuables including cell phones, wallets, watches/jewelry and other important property safe by carrying them with you at all times and locking them up while on-the-go. Storage solutions like the 5900D SafeSpaceTM are perfect for keeping these items secure. In addition, use generic luggage, be mindful of wearing flashy jewelry and dress down to prevent being targeted for theft. Secure checked and carry-on luggage with a TSA-accepted lock, such as the 4688D Combination Lock while traveling to prevent unauthorized access to your possessions.

Master Lock Safe Space review:

In keeping with this travel security theme, Pit Stops for Kids reviewed Master Lock’s Safe Space, a miniature safe for small valuables such as jewelry, point-and-shoot cameras, passports, and cell phones while traveling by air. Here’s what we thought:

safe space

1. Great for use in airports where theft is most common. Having a Safe Space won’t take the place of keeping a close eye on your luggage, but it will make you feel better about those moments you can’t avoid that pick pockets love, as as when your luggage is adjacent, but you’re distracted by kids, media, or gate information. I like that you can use the security cord (like a bike lock) to secure the SafeSpace to an airport chair leg or table leg. You still can’t leave it (or anything else) unattended of course, but you can read your book or toss something in the trash without worrying about your valuables.

2. Not practical for storing a cell phone. I don’t know about you, but I need my phone constantly while traveling through airports, whether to check apps, flight information, weather, or email. (Or to hand off to a bored kid for an Angry Birds session.) Locking my phone away would make it safer, but it’s just not going to happen.

3. Easy to store and pack. I tossed the Safe Space right into my carry on bag, and it fit there perfectly. I like the size and weight, and how easy it is to access the contents. It will only fit a few things, though, so you’ll have to prioritize. We put our house and car keys and my husband’s wallet in ours, and that pretty much maxed it out.