Outside the box budget Seattle vacation

There are many wonderful cities worth spending a vacation in, and Seattle is certainly high on the list of cities where you have the ability to really tailor-make your experience based on what your idea of a great urban weekend is. Budgets can be tricky, but if you’re willing to take advantage of good deals on Apollo RV rentals and think outside the box a little bit then you can absolutely enjoy an amazing Seattle vacation even on a fairly strict budget. Read on to learn how to put together a great Seattle adventure.

Budget Seattle vacation:

seattle great wheel

‘Suggested Donation’ Is Your Friend:

There are many museums, art exhibits, concerts, and other cultural entertainment that is suggested donation. While you should never take advantage of these by leaving absolutely nothing, there’s also no reason to feel obligated or strong-armed into a $30 suggested donation. Put in $5 for the museum, enjoy the exhibits, and if it was a really good experience that made you enjoy a few hours of time, put in another $5 if you feel it is warranted. This not only gives you control over what you spend but keeps you from making big donations at places you then don’t really enjoy.

Olympic Sculpture Park:

This park was actually designed and created by the Seattle Art Museum and aside from being a stunning outdoor exhibit, on clear days it offers some incredible views of Puget Sound and Mount Olympia. This park is also free during peak hours, which is as budget-friendly as it gets.

Pike Place Market:

The longest continuous running farmer’s market in the United States, you’ll want to hit Pike Place early to beat the massive crowds but watch the fish tossers, buy a cheap bouquet of flowers, find cheap fresh food, and enjoy the expansive setup.

pike place market

Tip! Another excellent way to enjoy Seattle’s magnificent sites is to experience them through a challenging yet exciting scavenger hunt.  Companies like cityHunt provide friends, families, and colleagues a variety of scavenger hunts that not only allow them to enjoy the Coffee Capital of the World but also helps them strengthen relationships while doing it. It truly is one of the best ways to explore Emerald City.

Free Walking Tours:

There are plenty of great walking tours that are either free, or donation based. What better way to get to know a part of a city than with a local guide? Several walking tours are famous and many are customized by niche. There are general walking tours, downtown tours, and even ones based around best food trucks, best dive bars, and best underrated music venues. In other words, you can find the tour that will have you filling out all your plans for later!

Legendary Happy Hour Tradition:

Can you deal with having a really late lunch? Seattle has a solid Happy Hour tradition with most bars and bar & grills starting Happy Hour specials at 3 p.m. – which often include heavily discounted food, as well. If the morning was spent at free or discounted sites and the late morning to early afternoon was all about some of the outstanding walking tours then at this point you should have quite an appetite for drinks and heavily discounted food.

Take a look around. Specials range from $3 to $10 and may be three tacos or an entire plate absolutely overloaded with deep fat fried foods, all at those major discounts. Choosing to go with the late lunch can help you save while still enjoying the best that the city and their bar and grill businesses have to offer.

Seattle can be an expensive city, but by getting creative and thinking a little bit outside of the box you will save on the budget while still having the full city experience!