Keeping kids safe this holiday season: SafetyTat review

Are your kids prone to wandering off while on a family vacation, at a theme park, or just out for the day? Mine can be. (I like to call it ‘being inquisitive’, not disobedient!) One memorable summer day at SeaWorld San Diego, I actually lost sight of then-three-year-old Calvin for a full five minutes (and as any parent knows, that’s a long time!). As I looked for him urgently, I knew the chances of him remembering my cell phone number (or even his full name) if found by park personnel was not likely.

Luckily, I found him mesmerized by the sea lions a moment later, but ever since, I’ve made sure to take important safety precautions with my kids whenever we’re in a crowded or unfamiliar environment. We always review where to meet in case of separation, who to ask for help if needed (we believe mothers with strollers make for the easiest and generally safest demographic to seek out), and write contact information somewhere on their person.

Toby demos the Quick Stick Write-On SafetyTat.

The company SafetyTat has made that process easier than ever. These temporary tattoos, customized with your emergency contact information, last for up to five days, are waterproof, and are fun for kids to wear. Pit Stops for Kids tried both their original SafetyTat Child ID Tattoos and their Quick Stick Write-On applique (sticker), and both worked beautifully. I love that they’re waterproof (you don’t have to worry about them fading or coming off while your child is swimming, and applying sunscreen doesn’t damage them in the least), and that the Quick Stick variety stay on so well (they’re made of medical-grade adhesive).

There are many designs and styles to choose from with their online ‘Tat Builder’ (so both your princess and your sports fan will be happy), and SafetyTat has included alllergy and autism alert options as well. As a Search and Rescue volunteer, I know how important information like this is to searchers and other authorities. If you’re traveling with a larger group of family or friends, the Write On variety is ideal; it comes with a waterproof pen to customize your SafetyTats with different mobile phone numbers. (Remember not to write kids’ first names on tats.)

We’ll be using SafetyTat on our next trip, at the airport, at our next holiday parade, and during our next visit to a theme park!

SafetyTat generously provided Pit Stops for Kids with the aforementioned products at no charge. This compensation did not come with any expectation of a positive review.