Popular state parks in Hawaii

Many people around the world think that Hawaii is just a place where they can see a lot of beautiful beaches and water activities such as surfing and kiteboarding. This picture of Hawaii is what has always been portrayed on TV and magazines; however, there’s so much more to Hawaii than meets as it’s also a place for many natural and historical wonders. Did you know there are more than six state and national parks in Hawaii?


Popular state parks in Hawaii: Today, we will be going through six state and national parks that you have to visit.

1. Na Pali Coast State Park

Na Pali Coast State Park is known for the world’s famous footpaths – the Kalalau Trail. This trail is situated along the tropical rainforest facing the panoramic seafront.

You can reach Kalalau Valley from Ke’e Beach. The trail is a little dangerous during rainfall, so you have to equip yourself with good footwear and other safety gear.

2. Waimea Canyon State Park

Waimea Canyon State Park is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. However, unlike the Grand Canyon, Waimea Canyon State Park is mixed with lush and green areas.

The rocky portions are red, and the interior is wild and not barren. Although the road is undeveloped, you can have a short walk toward the Waimea Canyon and Pu’uokila from the paved Route 550 in order to get a perfect view.


3. Diamond Head State Park

Diamond Head State Park is located in the eastern part of Honolulu, Hawaii. It’s a circular volcano that looks like diamond crystals.

If you are in Honolulu, Diamond Head State Park is one of the most famous landmarks you will come across.

4. Makena State Park

Maui is what makes Hawaii famous for great beaches, and one of these is Makena State Park. It’s been declared a national park to preserve its beauty and wonder.

It’s not an ordinary beach as Makena State Park is surrounded with white sand and clear water. This is perfect for all beach activities like sunbathing and snorkeling.

5. Iao Valley State Monument

For hikers and mountain climbers, Lao Valley State Monument is another ideal destination. Most visitors climb this mountain not to seek adventure but to find fulfillment in reaching this sacred altar.

Aside from that, the place is also historical as this used to be the site where the Maui army and King Kamehameha I had their historic battle.

6. Haleakala National Park

Hawaii is known for its live volcanoes. When it comes to volcanoes, the Big Island is the place to think of.

There are several volcanic craters in the Big Island and one of them is Haleakala National Park. This attracts not only scientists, but also ordinary spectators.


Hawaii has many things to offer; aside from its great coastline and warm tropical weather, it possesses some hidden gems that are no longer secret to the locals and regular visitors. This is evident in the many national parks you can find in Hawaii.

You don’t have to visit them all just to appreciate Hawaii, because each of these national parks is a complete travel experience in its own. Try to visit at least one or more during your travels, and you will understand what Hawaii really is.