How to get your kids to sleep in hotel rooms

Vacation time means travel time. And travel time can mean less sleep…for everyone in the family. When we’re lucky, we’ve booked a vacation home, suite, or apartment where everyone can spread out, but there are plenty of times when we all find ourselves in a standard hotel room. But, how to get the kids sleeping in noisy places like hotel rooms?

sleep in hotel rooms

Nine ways to help get your kids sleep in hotel rooms! 

Bring one of their comfort items:

Kids have a hard time adjusting to the luxuries of a room other than their own. Therefore, it is always a good idea to carry one of their favorite comfort items with you. This could be a toy, blanket, pillow, or food item. Anything which makes them feel at home and sleep even while traveling.

Older kids like privacy:

The current generation does not tolerate someone invading in their space. At home, kids mostly have a separate room from an early age. Hence, they lose their habit of sleeping with their parents. Sometimes, it can be worth it to either book a separate hotel room for them or build a make-shift wall in the room between the beds using sofas, chair and curtains.

Upgrade to a suite:

Sometimes this is not possible, but when it is, go for it! If the room is spacious and comfortable, they won’t have a hard time sleeping. The high-end bedding and large, feather-filled mattresses with soft pillows will surely captivate them in a deep slumber.

Read to them before bedtime:

Maintaining routine as much as possible is key! Reading to kids before bed-time is a tried and tested remedy, one that our parents’ parents even used when putting them to sleep. So, always carry your kid’s favorite story books on the trip and if they have a hard time sleeping, read it to them in a hushed, sleepy tone to induce the sleepy effect.

Exhaust them during the day so they are tired at night:

This seems to work wonders for some kids. Mine, not so much. But theoretically, when kids don’t have any energy left at night, they are likely to sleep immediately. Therefore, it is good to engage them in various activities during the day that could exhaust them enough to go to deep sleep early.

Use white noise machines:

This is my #1 tip! You may not be aware of the surroundings of your hotel. Is it situated at a peaceful place or a noisy street? So, it is always good to carry a white noise app or a travel-sized machine that asks sounds and helps the kids to sleep in noisy places.

Maintain room temperature:

Kids generally have a hard time sleeping in extreme temperatures; too hot or too hold and they will be up all night. So, maintain optimum temperature at night-time to prevent any interruptions in sleep. Sometimes, we turn off the in-room heating/AC unit entirely, to avoid the loud noises it makes.

Use a vaporizer for snoring problems:

A snoring problem may not only deprive a kid from a sound sleep, but will also affect the sleep of others around. Hence, make sure to carry a vaporizer for immediate relief.

Turn on a night lamp:

Most kids have a hard time sleeping in complete darkness. The hotel rooms are either too bright or too dark (if you switch off the lights). Hence, it would be smart to carry a small night lamp or just the right kind of lighting kids are used at home. Look for a small camping lantern that uses LED bulbs.


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