Flayvors Ice Cream at Cook Farm

Flayvors Ice Cream at Cook Farm is made on-site, at a family dairy in Hadley, Massachusetts. Located in the heart of the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, the dairy and ice cream parlor are in good company; this region is well-known for its farm-to-fork efforts. What we love: driving up to the ice cream shop, families first see the actual barns and cows that contribute to their ice cream cones. You can even eat your cone or sundae sitting outside by the green pastures, in petting-distance of the cows.


When you arrive, a huge board on the front porch announces the regular and seasonal flavors. We couldn’t decide between a salted caramel and pretzel concoction or the limited batch of asparagus ice cream (we didn’t take a chance on it, but heard it’s quite good!). While we’ve seen as many flavor options at a few shops elsewhere, the originality of the flavor combinations can’t be beat at Flayvors!


You order inside at the big ice cream counter, and can take your shake, sundae, cone, or cup of ice cream outside, or eat inside in the combination dining room/country store. Before you head out, be sure to peek behind the counter to see the Emery Thompson ice cream making machines in the kitchen! We opted to take our cones outside, as it was a beautiful June day. The kids walked through the pasture to see the cows, and we sat at picnic tables nearby. The highway is adjacent, but far enough away that we didn’t worry about the young kids in our group.


Lunch is also served, if you want to make a full meal of it, and raw milk and meat can also be purchased directly from the farm. The immediate area is peppered with farm stands, U-pick fruit options, and the like, so it’s entirely possible to make a full day of the farm experience in Western Massachusetts. We think a trip to Flayvors is a nice stop after an afternoon of strawberry picking at local berry patches, or after swimming in nearby Mill Creek or the Deerfield River. On the day of our visit, we combined our trip with a morning at Retreat Farm in Brattleboro, Vermont. The distance was about an hour between stops, through scenic countryside.

Date last visited:

June 2014

Hours of operation:

Sunday to Saturday, 11 am to 9 pm


Flayvors is located at 129 South Maple Street in Hadley.