Five free things to do in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls is a surprising city in many ways: it’s larger than most visiting families would guess, and is well-stocked with family friendly activities and historical sites…many of them cheap or free. Read on for our top five cheap or free things to do in Sioux Falls.

1. Ride the Sioux Falls Trolley

This trolley system works its way from downtown Sioux Falls to the falls themselves at Falls Park. Along the way, families can use the system to access Washington Pavilion, the Old Courthouse Museum, and the downtown shopping district. Hop on the trolly at the Pavilion at :10 after the hour or :40 after the hour, or at the falls on the hour and half hour.

Sioux Falls SD

2. View the Light Show on the Falls

Any evening during the summer months, find a comfortable spot on the grass lawn and await twilight, when Sioux Falls’ Light Show guides viewers on a light display storytelling of Sioux Falls’ history, narrated in audio and punctuated by changing colors on the falls themselves. Before the show begins, climb Falls Park’s five-story viewing tower to get a great view of the city and falls.

3. Take the SculptureWalk

SculptureWalk is an exhibit of outdoor sculptures (available for purchase, should you want to make this event considerably less ‘free’!). Most interesting is the fact that the sculptures are rotated out annually, always featuring different artists. From May to September, cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award.

4. View European art

Believe it or not, Sioux Falls is home to Michelangelo’s David and Moses…or at least perfect replicas of them. For kids (and adults) who haven’t seen the real thing, this public exhibit serves as a great educational tool, and is fun for kids to discover for themselves. You can find David at Fawick Park, and Moses at 29th Street and Summit Avenue.

5. Go on a bike ride

Sioux Falls is surrounded by a full loop, easy-access bike and walking path with views of the Big Sioux River, downtown, and more. The Big Sioux River and Recreational Greenway literally wraps around the city. Bring bikes, or take a walk along a potion of the path before or after dinner.

Have you visited Sioux Falls? What family-friendly activities do you recommend?