Don’t leave for vacation without safeguarding your home

Vacationing might be an effective way to get away from your house, job, school, and everyday responsibilities for a while, but you always intend to come back. When you’re away from your home, many things could go wrong if you haven’t adequately prepared. Home repair problems, natural disasters, vandalism, and even burglaries can occur, putting a damper on your mood and finances. As no one wants to return from vacation with many problems to resolve, it’s best to take care of these things in advance. 


When you’re planning a vacation, chances are you’re not thinking about mowing the lawn and trimming the trees. However, it is an essential step to safeguard your living space. Properties that appear unkempt from the outside are often targets for burglars. It gives the appearance that no one is home and creates plenty of hiding and access points. 

That’s why you should take care of your lawn before your trip. Cut the grass, trim bushes and trees, and put away temptations like grills, swimming pools, and lawn furniture. If you’re going to be gone for a while, you should also consider hiring a landscaping company to keep up with basic maintenance until you return. 

Maintenance And Repairs

Leaving your home for an extended period of time without handling maintenance and repairs could turn into a disaster. Take a roofing problem, for instance. Let’s say you go on vacation knowing there’s a small leak in the roof. Then, a nasty thunderstorm results in a more extensive leak, water damage, and mold. 

If you had taken care of the problem before going on vacation, you could avoid coming home to an expensive mess. Learn how to hire a good roofer and have your property serviced in advance. Even if that means you’ll have to dip into your vacation fund to cover the costs, it’s better than the outcome. 

Weather Prep

Natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes can develop at any moment, leaving properties in shambles. Although you can’t prevent everything, every homeowner is encouraged to take precautions. When planning a vacation, be sure to check the weather in your hometown while you’re away. 

If there’s a storm predicted or you live in an area where natural disasters are common, you should prepare your home before you leave. Securing outdoor furniture, boarding up windows, and having the sub-pump system serviced in advance can save you a lot of frustration should lousy weather persist.

Security Systems

You’d be surprised how many homeowners go on vacation without adequately securing their property. Consequently, they return to a house that’s been vandalized or burglarized that takes weeks or even months to recover from. As most people have home security systems in their residences, they’re encouraged to ensure they’re set before you leave. You should also notify the security company that you’re going on vacation so they can keep a watchful eye and respond to potential threats faster. 


Vacationing is all about getting away from the norms to clear your mind. Coming home to a dirty, cluttered, and messy house can undo all the emotional benefits of getting away. As unclean spaces can heighten feelings of stress and anxiety, it’s best to clean your home before your trip. 

Dedicate a few hours to clean and organize your house from top to bottom. You can enlist the help of family members or hire a professional cleaning crew to assist you. That way, you have a clean, safe, and healthy environment to return to. It provides peace of mind and makes getting back into everyday routines more manageable. 

When you think of vacation planning, home prep is often a minimal consideration (if at all). While completing the above tasks may feel like a chore, it’s essential to safeguard your home. It reduces the risks of property damage while you’re away, giving you an added peace of mind and a sense of security. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of vacationing and return to a safe, decent, and comfortable living space.