Best subscription boxes for holiday gift giving

Subscription boxes make for excellent holiday gifts! If you’re looking for the perfect subscription boxes for the traveling family in your life, we have you covered. We’ve curated a list of what we consider the best gift box subscriptions for holiday gift giving:

gift box subscriptions

Local Box:

As much as I’m a fan of outdoor gear, Local Box has risen to become my favorite gift box subscription for travelers. Why? This subscription focuses on local products, artwork, food, and music in specific U.S. cities. When you open a Local Box, you truly get a sense of place, and isn’t that what’s at the heart of travel? I’ve tried the Nashville Local Box, Portland Local Box, and Boston Local Box, and each has transported me to that city (or in the case of Nashville, which I hadn’t visited yet, gave me a sneak peek of what I could expect). My favorite feature: it’s possible to buy one-time boxes from Local Box, which is a great way to thank someone for hosting you in their city or treating a friend who loves a particular place. Subscriptions start at $35.

Cellar 503:

Give the gift of wine, but also knowledge of a specific, emerging wine region: Oregon. Cellar 503 is a wine club subscription that celebrates Oregon boutique wine (and most of the wine in this state is of the small batch, boutique variety). Learn about the various Oregon wine regions, from the Willamette Valley already celebrated for its Pinor Noir to Southern Oregon and the Umpqua Valley, where the dry, hotter temperatures produce amazing Tempranillo and even Chardonnay. Urban wineries are featured as well, and each month has its own wine theme, tying selections together in innovative ways. Subscriptions start at $45.


We’ve talked about how great Cairn is before, and this subscription box just keeps getting better and better. They are partnering with stellar brands now, like Cotopaxi and HydroFlask, and since I am very familiar with current outdoor gear, I can tell you with certainty that you get well over the $29.99 monthly box price. In fact, most are closer to $50 in value. I like how Cairn combines valuable items you have already heard of (like the Cotopaxi Luzon) with brand new items you’ve yet to discover, and would never think of trying (like the organic high-energy snack bags I’d never heard of that came in my last box). Subscriptions start at $29.

Blue Apron:

While not a traveler-specific subscription box, I place Blue Apron (and other food delivery subscriptions like it) in this category because they make a traveling family’s life easier. When I return home from a trip, my least favorite chore is restocking the pantry, grocery shopping and cooking. I can schedule a Blue Apron delivery to coincide with my return, and viola! Instant ease back into real life! I like that Blue Apron’s default family meal setting will deliver two meal choices (out of four), but this is customizable: you can now add meals if you know you’ll need more than the usual on a particular week, and you can skip meals as many times as you’d like. Subscriptions start at $69 per delivery, for a family of four. 

Bonus: Twist Travel Magazine subscription:

While not a subscription box, gifting a fellow traveler with a Twist Travel Magazine subscription will provide the gift of getting away…from their own living room. As the managing editor for Twist, I know the quality of the content of this magazine for adventurous traveling families to be absolutely stellar: we handpick contributors who really know the destinations and know what traveling with kids can look like. In other words, yes, it can include fine dining, wine tasting, boutique hotels and epic adventure. Gift a Trwist Travel Magazine subscription here.