Anxious air traveler tips from experts

There are many people who feel deeply anxious when it comes to traveling – specifically traveling by plane. According to studies held in the USA, 25 percent of the population feel nervous about flying. It’s a real issue for most people, especially those who suffer from fear of heights or claustrophobia. But, there are ways to fight the flying blues and take control of your anxiety!


Anxious air traveler tips

We did some in-depth research, to find out the best ways for travelers to feel comfortable on their flight – after all, flights are usually pretty long, and no-one wants to sit on the edge of their seat, the whole way! So, if you need a push in the right direction, when it comes to calming those butterflies, take a look at our useful guide which has been created with the help of professionals – yup, straight from those who spend most of their lives in the sky, and many other helpful sources, too! So, next time you’re flying to your dream destination – like the shores of the exotic island of Maldives, or perhaps the open plains, and gorgeous sunsets of Africa – or anywhere, really, you can do so with confidence!


The pilots have given us the facts – and it should certainly help, because it’s pretty much impossible for anything to go wrong during a flight – and even if it does, they’ve got the means and ways (and a lot of training) to ensure you stay in the sky!

Educate yourself on the facts

  • The probability of the plane going down, is one in 5.3 million, according to studies.
  • It has never been safer to fly – each year, as technology progresses, the chances of there being a problem in the sky, that can’t be solved, decreases rapidly. There’s more chance of you dying from the flu or being eaten by a shark!

Educate yourself on the way a plane works

A few ‘strange’ noises are, in fact, normal – however, you wouldn’t know this unless you did some research. But luckily, we’ve done the research for you! Another myth we’re eager to bust is the one about turbulence. Airplanes are built to withstand turbulence – a lot of it. Way more than what you feel. (If it makes you feel better – there was a plane that flew right through hurricane Irma. There was an incredible amount of turbulence, according to sources – yet the flight was safe, and landed perfectly normally – no issues).

Another great thing to know is that even if something does go wrong, and the system malfunctions – this doesn’t mean the plane will crash. So, if one system fails, another system will take over, and if one engine fails, the other engine will do the work.

Choose an airline you feel safe with

Pilots advise that you fly with an airline that you feel safe with. This will put you at ease, as you have already built trust with that company. Some travelers also prefer to fly with well-known airlines, as they think these airlines always comply with the aviation rules, however, every airline company, whether well-known or not, has to comply with the aviation rules. So, you’re safe either way.


Air Hostesses see the anxiety of some passengers, on a daily basis. They have to know the best ways to calm passengers who suffer from fear of flying. Their tips are rather fantastic, so read on!

Let the Air Hostesses know about your anxiety so that they can help

If you feel anxious, let the air hostesses know. They will ensure you feel comfortable and at ease and will answer any questions you have regarding the noises and the turbulence that you may hear or feel. They are more than happy to share their expertise with you and let you know that there really is nothing to be afraid of.

Read the safety features manual

The safety features of the aircraft and the other safety aspects of the flight are illustrated in the manual that is usually placed in the pouch in front of your seat. This will help you to feel better informed and aware of the procedures that are in place to keep you safe.

Sit towards the front of the plane

Air hostesses spend most of their lives on a plane – they know the secrets. One secret being, that the back of the plane, feels the most bumps. It’s like sitting in the back of a bus – for some reason the back is always a little bumpier. Try and opt for a seat closer to the front, to minimize the bumpy feeling.



Other anxious flyers, know exactly what you’re feeling – and if their tips help them, then they’re sure to help you too, hopefully?

Plan your travel itinerary during the flight

The key is to keep yourself occupied so that you have no time to overthink – and hear all the strange noises. One way of keeping busy, (and productive), is to plan your travel itinerary during the flight. This will have you thinking about good things, instead of other things (you know what I mean). Perhaps put some earphones in and go about this task in the most fool-proof way, possible.

Watch the reactions of the air-hostesses

Most people say that they keep an eye on the reactions of the air-hostesses, to keep themselves calm. They said that if they see the air-hostesses calm, even when there’s bad turbulence, then there’s nothing to feel worried about because all is normal, to them. I suppose you only need to worry if they look scared and frazzled, right!

Listen to self-help podcasts for nervous flyers

There are many self-help podcasts that talk one through an entire flight. They have meditation techniques, and some even teach you about the workings of a plane, and how safe they really are!

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