A walk through Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market

The historic St. Lawrence Hall houses the St. Lawrence Market, a farmer’s market nirvana teaming with the freshest local produce, fruits, berries, and homemade jams, syrups, and crafts. Families will also find stalls selling local meats, desserts and pastries, fresh sandwiches, and just about anything else you can imagine. The St. Lawrence Market is a great place to spend a rainy or cold day in Toronto, or the best spot to pick up a picnic or to-go lunch to eat along the Waterfront or over on Centre Island.

St. Lawrence Market


St. Lawrence Market


There are two levels within the market building, plus tents selling wares in nice weather outside. If you get there early (before 8 am), you can usually see trucks dropping off the day’s produce from Ontario farms. The main floor level sells aisle after aisle of produce, berries, fruits, and meats, as well stalls with bakery goods and ethics foods (we saw Indian, Thai, and Chinese foods while we were there). Seating is scarce, so you’re better off taking food to go.

St. Lawrence Market

While you could certainly spend the better part of an hour sampling the fruit, veggies, hams, bacon, and cheese upstairs, don’t leave without checking out the downstairs section. This part of the market is primarily reserved for rare or speciality items, making it both educational and fun for kids (and adults). Check out row after row of exotic spices (most of which you may never have heard of!), gourmet cheeses and meats, speciality candies, and local homemade goods such as pure maple syrup. There are a few fabric and toy stalls as well, and random offerings of trinkets here and there, but St. Lawrence is primarily about the food!

St. Lawrence Market

Hours of operation:

Check the website for up-to-date hours, as they change seasonally. During the time of our visit (early summer), St. Lawrence is open weekends from 5 am to 3 pm.


The market is located at St. Lawrence Hall at the corner of Front Street and Jarvis.

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