7 tips for keeping everyone healthy while traveling

Read on for travel tips once it’s safe to travel again!

Face it. Germs are just a part of life, especially if you have children. From summer colds to that oh so awful stomach flu, there are quite a few different ways for little ones to become ill, even when the temps are high and the sun is shining. If you happen to be planning a vacation, here are a few tips that can help keep you full of energy and healthy even when you’re on the road.

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Keep Moving

It’s easy to keep the kids moving, but you can’t forget about your health. No matter where you go, keep moving. It doesn’t matter if you find kid-friendly gyms, go for walks with the kids, or even go for a swim at the beach or in the hotel pool. If you’re moving, you’re helping your body stay healthy.

Sleep Early

Whether you’re at home or on a Disney cruise, kids don’t always understand the meaning of sleeping in. When you know that the little ones will be up with the sun every day, you’ll know that you owe it to everyone to go to bed early every night. When you burn the candle at both ends, you’re just begging for a family that’s overtired and this can increase the chances of illness.

Farmer’s Markets

One big reason for people getting sick while traveling is that we tend to deviate from our typical routine of healthy eating. Eating fast food as often as three times each day means that your intake of fruits and veggies has dramatically decreased. Make it a tradition to visit local farmer’s markets when you reach your destination. This is a fun way for you to get to know a few locals, but having fresh produce is also an irresistible method of eating healthy when you’re away from home.


Your body always needs to be hydrated, and this is especially true on those sweltering summer days. You can stay away from sugary drinks by ensuring that each member of your family has their own bottle of water every day. This makes drinking it a habit, and it only takes a few seconds each evening to wash them out if you want to reuse them on the following day.


One thing that many people enjoy about vacations is the spontaneity. Yes, you should check out that interesting looking pizzeria or stop for a gelato. However, it’s important for everyone’s health to ensure that before starting the day, you have a healthy breakfast. You’ll worry a bit less about the nutrition of the family if you know that they’ve started the day off right. 

Down Time

There are times when vacations or family trips will be anything but a relaxing holiday. We tend to pack our days with so many activities that we end up collapsing each night from exhaustion. This is truly a recipe for those who want to weaken their immune system. Instead of courting disaster, plan a bit of downtime into each one of your days. It doesn’t matter if it’s simply snuggling with a movie or a book at night or just spending a leisurely morning exploring a local park.

BYO Supplies

Having the ability to change a dirty diaper without having to do it in a dirty public restroom or to clean up a spill without having to run out for paper towels can save you both time and stress. 

If someone in your family does happen to get sick while on vacation, be sure that you have your insurance cards and identification on hand for a visit to a local doctor or emergency room. 

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