Working while traveling: Caribbean destinations for business trips

Where to go in the Caribbean to combine business and pleasure


When your business wants to reward its employees and hold a corporate meeting, you can go to the Caribbean for the sunshine, great food, and resort atmosphere. Large companies, law firms, and sales teams use vacation destinations to hold their most important meetings, and there are a few tips below that explain how these Caribbean destinations will help your staff bond.


Punta Cana

Luxury Caribbean villas dot this part of the world, and these villas could be used for private business meetings. When you come to Punta Cana, you are sitting on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. The location provides you with beautiful beaches and clear water. Plus, you can rent private villas that allow you to meet with your staff. When you are not in meetings, your staff can take their families to different parts of the island to enjoy fun activities or attractions.

The Bahamas

If you head to The Bahamas, you will find amazing luxury Caribbean villas that sit on private islands. You could rent all the bungalows on a private island, and your staff will be the population of that island for a few days. You can use the restaurant or meeting rooms to conduct all your business, and your employees can scatter across the island to relax for the rest of the day.

If you have rented a private island or private villas, you can ask for a private tour of the island, special snorkeling or scuba diving activities, or a sailing/fishing charter. Your employees can bond if they are doing fun things together.


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a wonderful place to vacation, and you could rent a house or large villa near the water. Companies that choose to stay near San Juan might schedule tours of the old city for their employees. You can schedule stops at old bars and restaurants along your route, and your employees have time to talk or get to know one another.

The beaches in Puerto Rico make it easy for you to rest, relax, and get a tan. A private villa that sits on the water allows your employees to play volleyball on the beach or talk over a few drinks. You could invite families who will get to know each other. When you have employees and their families all in the same place, your business feels connected, grounded, and like an extended family.

Saint Kitts

Saint Kitts is a smaller island that allows you a bit of privacy when you stay in a villa. The luxury home or villa that you choose will give you space for meetings, to host parties, and to enjoy the sunshine on this island. You might go shopping with the staff as you tour the colonial architecture from long ago. You can go down to the beach with your staff, or you could schedule a paddleboarding tour of the coast.

Saint Maarten

Saint Maarten is one of the most colorful locations in the Caribbean, and you could stay in a luxury villa that is painted one of the pastel colors you love. This destination allows you to take tours of old homes, sit by the beach, and eat well. If you go to Saint Maarten, you can take a fishing charter during the day, and your team can barbecue on the beach at night. The people in your group will have time to get to know one another, and the backdrop for your meetings will be soothing.

This Is A Free Vacation

If your company has invited the staff to a Caribbean palace for a meeting, you are giving everyone a bonus vacation. When families are allowed to come on these trips, the wives, husbands, and children will get to know one another. The meeting is a reward for a good year of work, and you can create a vacation that even the kids will love. You are giving the staff a reason to stay with your company, and they will look forward to your trip next year.

You can use incentives and a reward system to schedule your next trip, and you can have amazing meetings with the team. Plus, you can invite your clients or corporate partners to come with you. These luxury villas are impressive, and the locations are so exotic that your clients or partners cannot say no.

The Caribbean meeting that you have planned will double as a vacation and bonding experience for your staff. You can barbecue on the beach, tour an old city, or go on a chartered fishing trip. The Caribbean gives you the most amazing views, and you can sit on the beach all day long while enjoying the sun and a drink. Your company should consider using Caribbean meetings and bonding experiences as an incentive to do great work this year.

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