What You Need To Know Before A Family Trip To Mozambique

When you plan a trip to Mozambique, you need to know where you are going, where you are staying, and how much money you need. This country features a spotless Indian coast that will offer you amazing sunrises and sunsets. You can travel to the interior of the country where there are nice people, lovely villages, and amazing sights. Plus, you need to make sure that you have money to spend during your visit. Read more to learn how you can make your trip to Mozambique the trip you deserve.


Planning a trip to Mozambique: where are you staying?

You can stay up in the Chimanimani Mountains where there are lodges that allow you to hike and see the sights every day. You could go on a tour of the jungle with your tour guide, and you can talk to the hotel staff about trips into small villages for art and local crafts.

If you stay on Lake Niassa, you will be stunned by how large the lake is. You can stay in a resort that sits along the lake, or you could stay in a lodge that allows you to get away from it all for a few days. Mozambique Island is a luxury spot for vacationers, and Maputo provides you with the old world feeling that you want when you go on vacation.

Are You Going On A Beach Vacation?

When you come to Mozambique, you may plan a beach vacation on the Indian Ocean. There are several lovely resorts and villas along the coast that you can try. There are fishing villages that will welcome you with open arms, or you can charter a boat to travel along the coast for a few days/

How Will You Spend Money On Your Trip?

You can bring traveler’s cheques on your trip, or you can bring cash. Many people have concerns about carrying cash because they do not want to see it lost or stolen. Instead of carrying cash or using traveler’s cheques, you can send a money transfer ahead of the trip or during the trip.

You can send money to Africa from the United States ahead of your trip for activities or tours. If you are staying at a private hotel, you may pay for your stay in advance by transferring money that the staff will pick up. The same could be true if you are staying in a private villa that is owned by a local.

You might ask a friend to send the money to you when you get to Mozambique. However, you need to know where you can pick up the money. The more remote parts of the country will not have as many transfer offices. Do your research before leaving for the trip so you know where you can pick up your cash. Some offices are in the center of big cities, but smaller towns may have one transfer office that is not open very much.

How Do You Save Money?

When you send money to Mozambique, you need to know the exchange rate used by the bank or transfer service. A bank or transfer company can use its own exchange rate. This means that they are not charging you the rate you found online. Universal exchange rates are a good starting point for your research, but you need o know the exact exchange rate you will get.

How Are You Traveling Around Mozambique?

Anyone who gets to Mozambique needs to know how to get around the country for different events, activities, and locations you want to see. If you land at the airport, you could rent a car. Remember that they drive on the left side of the road in Mozambique because they are former colonies of Portugal.

If you are not comfortable with driving, you need cash for a tip when you take a cab. You could take buses to remote parts of the country or you could hire a tour company that will drive you in an SUV to the locations you plan to tour. When you send money to Africa from the United States, you can use that money to tip the tour guide. Plus, you may need to tip people who help you with your bags, pilot your boat if you take a ferry, or people on the street who might sell you a snack.

When you are ready to travel to Mozambique, you can plan your trip far ahead of time. Make sure that you have money to spend when you get there, and have someone transfer money over in case you need more. You can use money transfers to pay for certain activities or your villa. Plus, you can avoid carrying around too much cash during your trip, and you can go back to the transfer office many times during your trip.

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