Traveling with kids: The best travel luggage brand to rely on

Traveling with kids and fun and exciting and a lot of other things. However, at the same, it can be tedious and overwhelming. The efforts start much earlier during the prepping and planning phase especially if your kids are young. You need to carry the extra luggage, the extra medicine, and food supplies and the extra effort and planning. One of the most crucial areas of traveling is your luggage and having the right kind of baggage can have a direct impact on your travel experience. You can either have an exceptionally smooth, no-fear kind of an experience or a total nightmare where you become clueless about how to handle the mess you ended up in and that too in a foreign land.


All that can be sorted by just investing in a good travel luggage brand.  Baseline by Briggs has one of the most fantastic travel luggage, and it is worth every penny to invest in some of there travel gear. The bags are sleek in design and easy to manage and therefore ideal for traveling with kids. Each family member including kids can have their carry-on baggage, and you can say goodbye to the check-in queues.


The Briggs and Riley luggage line is known for their lifetime guarantee. The material is solid and sturdy and will last you a lifetime. You can have peace of mind and do not need to worry about your bag cracking, breaking or tearing or your zippers are falling apart due to rough handling. The resistance of the material is excellent which also makes them fantastic for outdoor excursions such as camping and glamping getaways.

Size and Weight

Almost all pieces in the Baseline by Briggs family are, and some even have a negligible weight which is extremely important. The last thing that you would want is luggage weight eating up half of your weight allowance. Despite their sleek designs the bags are spacious and are sized to comply with any standard aircraft size restriction for carry-on luggage. Most of their pockets are available in different sizes so you can choose one that fits your need.


The Baseline by Briggs offers various styles, and each one of them is worth your attention especially if you are traveling with kids. While the kids can use the expandable four-wheel trolley carry-ons, mommy can be a fashion icon sporting some very trendy travel totes or duffle bag. If you are looking forward to a short getaway on an island or a camping trip where you might want to ditch your vanity bag, the classic toiletry pouch will take care of all your vanity essentials without eating up your luggage space. If you are planning to bring your laptop and other gadgets along, it would be a great idea to ditch your regular laptop bag and replace it with the Briggs framed weekender. This ultra-stylish travel gear has intelligently designed compartments for all your organizing needs and has extra padding to protect your gadgets from any damage.

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