Travel with a cat? What to take with you

Travel with a cat? Yes, you can! If you are going to arrange a trip in your furry friend’s company, it is worth taking some essentials to help your cat feel comfortable and stay safe. 


Even though dogs are believed to be better travel buddies, cat owners don’t want to deprive themselves of a chance to share new experiences with their fluffy friends. Today we see a great tendency that most public places become pet-friendly, and it means that you can arrange a full-fledged adventure with a furry buddy without fear of being not let in somewhere. And if you want to hit the road and go camping, your kitty will be able to enjoy nature and explore the surroundings. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone since you can go wherever you want, and don’t worry about leaving your buddy in a pet hotel. To make your travel experience comfortable and safe for your cat, it is worth reading redbarn cat food reviews and making a list of essentials you should grab with you when you travel with a feline buddy.

1. Collar and ID tag

Safety and prudence should be the number one priority when it comes to traveling with pets. You can be 100% sure that you will keep an eye on your cat around the clock, but the reality may turn out to be different. Something can distract you only for a minute, and your freedom-loving furry friend will decide to slip away and explore the territory. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to use a collar in combination with an ID tag and even a tracker, so you will be prepared for an unpredictable situation. 

2. Carrier

Even though this point seems obvious, many cat owners turn a blind eye to it. However, if you have to leave your cat for a while, it is worth putting it in a carrier for its safety. If you have a home buddy that doesn’t know anything about outdoor life, it can get into trouble. Carriers represent a shelter where your kitty can feel secure and safe. Besides, if you travel by car, your cat will have better chances to survive if you get in an accident.

3. Veterinarian info

You are responsible for your cat’s life and health, so it will be a wise decision to have your vet’s info on hand even if you are going to travel around the country. If your feline buddy suddenly gets sick, your vet can contact a new doc and provide them with all the required info. It is especially true if your cat has some specific health issues, so your furry buddy will not get a treatment that can bring more harm than good.

4. Food and water

Of course, your traveling experience will turn out to be a catastrophe if you forget to take food and water for your kitty. Many people forget about essentials when they pack the bags. Thus, this point is a must even if you believe that you will grab some food on the way. You need some supply of food, water, and maybe some goodies. Thus, you will be ready for unforeseen circumstances and not make your cat get stressed and suffer from an upset stomach because of a sudden diet change.

5. Leash and harness

Cats easily get scared, and it can be hard to keep a firm grip on, so putting a leash and harness on your feline friend may become a safety ring. Your kitty will neither run away suddenly nor get lost. Besides, it will be easier to control it and walk together. Just be sure to use a harness instead of a collar in such a case since the latter can injure your furry buddy’s neck. 

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