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We have three men in our house…at least when it comes to clothing size. Our Pit Stops Dad and our two teenage sons all have a no-frills travel wear style, and they’re never interested in a lot of shopping. But I know how important it is to buy quality travel clothing that can last a long time, stand up to wear-and-tear, and perform in a variety of weather conditions. If the men in your life don’t want to do a lot of travel wear research, point them in this direction: we have the best travel wear brands for men, all in one place!

Best travel wear for men


Pronounced ecos, Ecōths has been a favorite of ours for awhile. You can read some recent reviews here. Why do we like it? This brand gives back, and since it’s the men’s line of the Aventura Clothing company, you can save money with your #AventuraLife membership (free to join). But none of that matters if the clothes come up lacking, right? Ecōths shirts and tees are primarily organic cotton, which means they don’t wrinkle in your luggage, they’re incredibly soft to wear, and the colors stay vibrant. Our guys love that the same brushed cotton polo worn all day city touring can continue on to dinner that same night. We’re all about packing less.

A few Ecōths favorites:

Noah Zip-Neck Sweater: My husband’s go-to pullover from fall through spring, the Noah is excellent for chilly planes and road trips alike. There are many fun colors to choose from, too.


Asher shirt: Another very simple design that comes in rich jewel tones (but nothing too flashy), the Asher is perfect for layering. Pit Stops Dad wears his over a tee for morning outings, since it can be easily stashed into a backpack.

Hendrix shirt: For warm-weather trips, my sons love the trendy-looking Hendrix (maybe they have a bit more style than their dad?) With a collar and breast pockets, it looks dressy when it needs to, but is also casual enough for a cruise, a bike ride, or a dude ranch.


The favorite outdoor wear brand of my eldest son, Columbia is where to shop when you need rugged, trail-and-travel ready clothing. No nonsense, no-frills, and usually easy on the wallet, Columbia has proved its value to us time and again. We love their ski wear as well, but for this post, we’ll talk travel shirts and pants.

A few Columbia favorites:

Silver Ridge shirt: If your man in your life needs an all-purpose travel shirt that can go from trail to tour, the Silver Ridge delivers. It’s extremely lightweight, so it works well in tropical climates where you need to protect your skin from sun and mosquitos, and is breathable and loose for those days you’ll be hiking.

Featherweight hike shirt: This shirt is dubbed as ‘titanium’, and my son can attest to this rating…this shirt traveled with him for 26 days on the Pacific Crest Trail, and is STILL in his closest, worn regularly at home. It’s expensive, but worth the investment.

Men’s Cascades Explorer pant: These pants can go anywhere, and look good even when you pull them out of your suitcase on the last day of a trip. Plus, they can be washed pretty well in hotel room sinks.

Additional ideas:


No way around it, ExOfficio clothing can get expensive. But it’s also extremely well-made, will last a long time, and a few core pieces can perform multiple functions on an outdoorsy or adventure travel trip. Their BugsAway line is especially high in value.

A few ExOfficio favorites:

BugsAway Talisman: This shirt was worn by my husband multiple times during our cruise through Panama and Costa Rica. It serves several purposes: the insect repellent ‘baked’ into it keeps him safe from mosquito-borne illness, and the sun protection keeps sunburn at bay. Plus, it rinses out nicely between uses.

Ziwa convertible pant: These zip-away convertible pants are excellent for hiking and more rugged travel days, especially since they can be made into shorts at any time. I have the women’s version of this pant, by the way, and love it.

GeoTrek’r shirt: If you need a short-sleeved shirt, this is your no-frills, simple option. The GeoTrek’r has a security zip pocket, but is otherwise exactly what it looks like: a basic button-down short-sleeve that will last through many adventures.


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