Travel photos: How to capture family travel memories with a short video collage

Traveling right now is off-limits for many of us, so now is the time to curate video collages of those travel photos you’ve taken! Travel brings the family closer together, creates amazing memories for life, and broadens their horizon. And of course, it gives you a reason to take tons of photos of your children and share them with the world. 

What is the ultimate way of preserving your travel photos and organize your best pictures? A slideshow! And one of the most useful and convenient slideshow makers is SmartSHOW 3D – a program designed specifically to make a family slideshow of short video collages. The program entails every designing option you may need, including hundreds of ready-to-use templates for any occasion, over 350 animation effects, and a set of great royalty-free songs.

You can have many reasons in your life to make a family slideshow, so let’s talk about the most popular ones and learn some helpful tips to make your slideshows fun and exciting. 

Travel Slideshow

Did you visit Paris last summer or maybe had a great relaxing vacation somewhere on the Mediterranean beach? Making a travel video is a great way to preserve these happy family moments as well as to share your experience with your friends and family members in a fun and entertaining way. 


Don’t torture your audience by showing them hundreds of unfiltered and unedited images. Carefully select the best 40 and stick with them. Apply a filter, adjust the color composition, contrasts, and saturation right in the program to enhance the quality. 


Prefer photos with yourself and others to pictures with just nature or urban wonders. People tend to get bored quickly with a set of images of buildings, mountains, and temples. So, try to keep it diverse and mix photos of churches with pictures of the food as well as local people and your own images.

Holiday Slideshow

Did you visit a magical Christmas market in Germany last year? Or maybe you went skiing in Canada? A holiday slideshow will help you remember these family holidays for many years in the future and motivate you to never miss an opportunity to spend holidays together.


Don’t make your family picture slideshow longer than five minutes. You and your immediate family might enjoy an hour-long reminder of the great time you spent together but others will not. Keep it as long as an average song – a good tune will complement your video and guarantee an ultimate duration.


Show the highlights of your trip and explain the gaps by utilizing the captions or using the voice recording option. Tell a funny or informative story about the picture, share your knowledge about local culture and some anecdotes. 

Family Reunion Slideshow

Have you been away from your friends and family for some time? Are they eager to know what you were up to and how you spent this time apart? Make a short family reunion slideshow with the best videos and images from your latest adventures.


Don’t forget about the designing options to make your little movie more dynamic. Use filters, transition effects, animations, and clipart to spice things up and capture the true atmosphere of your adventure.


Besides adding pictures to the family photo slideshow, use short clips as well. Videos will help you showcase an in-depth look into the most special moments of your trip and keep your work lively and entertaining. 

Family History Slideshow

Do you have a big family with lots of family history behind it? Instead of traveling in space, you can travel in time and tell the story about your family tree. Your kids will love it since it will give them a chance to get to know their ancestors and build a deeper understanding of their family history. 


Don’t go into much detail and make it a dry and boring lecture. Look for old photos of your parents and grandparents and try to tell a story about the highlights of their lives.  


Always involve your children in the process, so that they can learn the history of their family, answer all their questions, and know where they came from. It will immensely help them with finding their identity and get them interested in history in general.

Slideshows are the best way to collect and organize your memories and to perpetuate the most exciting family moments. On top of that, they make great presents and party entertainers.

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