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I’m very picky about my phone case. My iPhone might just have more ‘outfits’ than me during a week! I need a case for everyday use, that’s protective but still slim and offers easy access (for me, that’s my OtterBox Symmetry), a case for the outdoors (hello, LifeProof), and of course, a case for those days I just KNOW my juice will run low. For those days, the Spyder PowerShadow battery case for iPhone 6 wins.


What sets PowerShadow apart:

I’ve tried other battery cases, as well as a wide variety of external batteries and chargers, and the PowerShadow keeps returning to the front of the line because it’s the lightest, slimmest, and easiest case to use. Yes, it’s bulkier than my Symmetry, but actually less bulky than larger, tougher OtterBox cases. The PowerShadow wraps around the phone, leaving the screen free from filters or casing, which I like, because I hate having to jab my finger at the screen really hard when there’s ‘protective’ casing around it.

The PowerShadow is shockproof, water resistant, and offers antimicrobial protection, which is awesome. We all know our phones are the dirtiest, most disgusting germ-attractor in our lives, right? Even though the main purpose of using a PowerShadow is the charging capabilities, I cannot have my phone in a non-protective case, even for a minute. I’m just too clumsy for that!

Powering and recharging:

Let’s talk about the charging capabilities of the PowerShadow, because that’s why you buy one. With it on your phone, you get 10 hours extra web browsing, 15 hours extra talk time, 11 hours extra video time, and 50 hours extra music playback. Most power cases seem to offer something similar, but this is where PowerShadow wins out: you can charge and sync the phone right through the case, charging both the case and the phone simultaneously. The last charging case I owned, I had to take the case off the phone and charge it separately. You can even buy a separate docking station and charge through that, if you desire. Honestly, I have so many devices and gadgets in the house, I didn’t want another…I’m fine charging the case and phone with the provided USB cable.

When I use the PowerShadow:

With my job, I have to be connected when I travel. This means lots of moments powering up my phone to take photos, engage in social media, and check in with people. I almost always go through a full charge by mid-afternoon during busy travel days and conferences. At home, I rarely do so, which is why my PowerShadow is my ‘travel day’ phone case. For $99, it’s well worth not having to bring an extra phone charger or look for wall outlets.

Pick up a PowerShadow online for $99 in several colors for iPhone 5 and 6/6+, or look for it at Amazon for a few buck less.

Disclosure: I received a PowerShadow free of charge, for the purpose of review. All opinions remain my own.


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