Travel Gear We Use: Ecoths shirts for teen travel

We’ve been singing the praises of men’s clothing line Ecōths for several years now. Part of my favorite clothing company, Aventura, Ecōths is all about comfortable, practical men’s wear that’s environmentally and socially responsible. Not only are many of the offerings made from recycled or organic materials, Ecōths’ GOOD SAM program has donated over 150,000 meals across the US to local food banks. How do they do it? Ecōths provides a minimum of three meals for every garment sold in America to someone in need. Make a purchase of Ecōths, and in turn you will be donating three meals to someone who truly needs it.



While my husband loves wearing Ecōths, no one is more excited about what this company is doing that the resident Millennial in our family, our 16-year-old. He’s all about environmental stewardship and the outdoors, and always needs quality travel clothing. If you have a teen boy who needs clothing that won’t wrinkle in the suitcase, will last through many washings, and will look good enough to pass the teenage test, read on!

My teen’s favorite Ecōths shirts for travel days:

Chandler Tee:


This raglan-sleeve tee is trendy and casual-looking, but made from an organic cotton blend. This means it’s very soft to the touch, and will not wrinkle…even when my teen balls it up and tosses it in his duffel. Pick it up in four neutral colors in sizes M-XL. Our teen is tall and slim, and the medium fits him nicely.





hendrixOur teen is all about plaid. And flannel, but in summer, mostly plaid. He spends a lot of time in the outdoors, so he needs shirts that provide sun protection and breathability. The Hendrix short-sleeve is organic cotton and Coolmax polyester  blend that ensures it’s moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant, even when my son is hiking or biking. As a bonus, he loves the built-in microfiber Handy Cleaning Cloth in the front interior of the shirt. It comes in two colors in M-XXL. Note: the Monroe is similar, but just a little bit more ‘rugged’ looking, in our opinion.



Beckett V-Neck:


The Beckett is 100% organic cotton jersey. This is as pure as it gets when it comes to a boy wardrobe, so pick up a couple (they’re on sale)! Our teen loves the Beckett because it’s fashionable with its horizontal stripes and V-neck, and I love it because unlike his other t-shirts, it’s high quality. No holes here! It comes in three colors in sizes M-XXL.

Ecōths discount for you!

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