Travel Gear We Use: Five products we always have on road trips

The family road trip really is where the rubber meets the road. When it comes to best products for road trips, we prefer useful items to flashy ones, the tried-and-true over the new fangled. There are many, many items to bring on your next road trip, but these five things seem to always be in the car. Here’s what we always have with us for a family road trip:


1. All Purpose Stain and Odor Remover:

The only way to eliminate the stain and odor of spills, dog, and puke (sorry, all!) is with a quality stain remover designed for pets and kids. Opt for the brand of your choice! This stuff works for any kind of stain and odor – think diaper blowouts, potty training mishaps and food spills too. One of our family’s most embarrassing travel moments took place in the car…as we pulled up to valet parking just as our toddler threw up in the back seat. Time to tip big!

2. Trash bags:

Don’t forget these lifesavers. Kitchen garbage-sized trash bags are a wonder to have with you. They can be used to store wet swim suits and dirty shoes, as well as organize all those to-go containers and fast food wrappers until your next pit stop.

3. A deck of cards or family trivia games:

While in the car, it’s important to have at least one game that kicks it old school. Once the iPod batteries die, everyone will be clamoring for them. We like to shuffle through the deck of Trivial Pursuit questions and have a friendly family competition while the miles fly by. Decks of cards with riddles and mind teasers are fun, too. When all else fails, let the kids play poker with gummy bear chips.

For those who don’t want to leave technology behind, opt for digital games that are appropriate for the whole family. Playing Slither is fun: this game designed for your tablet can be played on the go, and is do-able even for young kids. Note: you may need a WiFi connection to play, so this would be a great option for those with a hotspot in their car or for use in hotel rooms.

4. Small item storage:

We always have an organizer over the back seat to reduce clutter (it can also stop your little one from kicking the back of your seat)! Want a low-cost alternative to the products you can find online? Buy a cheap hanging closet shoe organizer and hang it from the back of the seat. It may need to be cut to fit. Store smaller items, plus water bottles, books, and snacks within reach of older kids (and out of reach of babies and toddlers).

5. Water bottles:

You can find our favorite bottles listed in our best water bottles for kids post, but really, as long as every family member has a water bottle they love, that’s the most important thing. Staying hydrated on the go can be challenging, but bringing your own bottles reminds kids (and grown ups) to sip often. Plus, you can save serious dough at restaurants and attractions if you have bottles to refill.

What items are must-brings on your family road trips? Read about more travel gear we use!


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