Travel Gear We Use: Must-have products for road trips

The family road trip really is where the rubber meets the road. And this year, summer road trip travel will be bigger than ever. When it comes to the best products for road trips, we prefer useful items to flashy ones, the tried-and-true over the new-fangled. There are many, many items to bring on your next road trip, but these must-have products for road trips are ALWAYS in the car.

1. A full-sized first aid kit:

This is crucial, folks. You can assemble your own first aid kit, or you can opt for a quality pre-made kit, like we do. We just tried out Surviveware’s large first aid kit , which comes with over 200 essentials, with room for your own additions. (Tip: remember to add an emergency ration of any over-the-counter or prescription meds you or a family member needs regularly.)

I am impressed with the organization of the Surviveware kit; every item has a place, and is tucked away in water-resistant compartments. There’s even fever strips, sting relief pads, and gloves. A smaller section can be removed to come with you on shorter excursions, and the main pack is designed to fit over your car seatback if desired.

The Surviveware kit is also great for boating (it floats!), camping, and RV life. It will come with us in our camper van this summer.

2. Car emergency kit:

We assemble this ourselves, packing jumper cables, a flashlight, road flares, winter gloves, and an emergency blanket in a duffel we always keep in the back of the car. During winter, we add chains.

3. Reusable ‘dining out’ ware:

We love United by Blue’s ‘Everyday Reusables‘ collection, including their straw kits, grocery bags, and utensil kit. We usually grocery shop and eat our own food for breakfasts and lunches while road tripping, and this way, we save on plastic waste every time we eat.

4. Small-item storage:

We always have an organizer over the back seat to reduce clutter (it can also stop your little one from kicking the back of your seat)! Want a low-cost alternative to the products you can find online? Buy a cheap hanging closet shoe organizer and hang it from the back of the seat. It may need to be cut to fit. Store smaller items, plus water bottles, books, and snacks within reach of older kids (and out of reach of babies and toddlers).

5. Water bottles and a water filtration system:

You can find our favorite bottles listed in our best water bottles for kids post, but really, as long as every family member has a water bottle they love, that’s the most important thing. Staying hydrated on the go can be challenging, but bringing your own bottles reminds kids (and grown-ups) to sip often. Plus, you can save serious dough at restaurants and attractions if you have bottles to refill.

In addition to water bottles, make sure you have:

  • Extra water in the car, perhaps in gallon jugs
  • A filtration system for emergencies (at very least, a Lifestraw, and at best, a Lifesaver jerry can)

What items are must-brings on your family road trips? Read about more travel gear we use!