Travel Gear We Use: Best iPhone Cases for Travel (updated)

Our Travel Gear We Use series continues with iPhone cases and covers. The ‘best iPhone cases for travel’ category includes a dizzying array of options, making it hard for families to know which iPhone cases to invest in. (Yes, they’re getting more and more expensive, aren’t they?!) The following three cases are on our own phones at this very minute. They each have pros and cons, but we use them because each of them work well for families who travel.

Best iPhone cases for travel


Best iPhone cases for families who travel:

OtterBox Symmetry case:

The Otterbox Symmetry may not be waterproof (see our pick below for that), but it wins in the travel department as long as water and extreme dirt is not involved. Why? The ports remain accessible and the screen is not covered (making it easier for us to poke at it successfully). Otterbox still delivers in the shockproof category, even with this slim case, and it’s easy to take on and off. Basically, the Symmetry is what’s on my iPhone 6 every day, right up until an extreme trip like river rafting (then the Lifeproof goes on). Plus the Symmetry is under $50, and far less on Amazon. Need something more extreme? We have also reviewed and like the tougher Otterbox Defender series. Just be prepared for some bulk.

LifeProof FRE Case:

The Lifeproof iPhone FRE case we use is sleeker and thinner than the Otterbox, but even more waterproof and equally shock-proof. We have also used this version in the iPhone 5 and 5S. In addition to a sealed front and back cover, Lifeproof waterproofs their cases using screw-in protection for the headphone port. We see this as both a pro and a con. Pro: families can take their phone on water-centric adventures, knowing the case will protect to up to 6 feet in depth. River rafting? Check. Day at the beach? Check. Con: every time you want to use the headphone jack, you need to either use an adapter (which comes included) to use while maintaining the waterproof seal, or unscrew your port protector and try not to lose it. For serious adventurers wanting a thinner case that performs like the thickest, fattest case out there, the inconvenience of the port closures will be no big deal. But if you only see yourself needing it every so often, the Otterbox might be more your style. The Lifeproof retails for $79, but can be found on Amazon for less.

Spyder Power Shadow:

In the first version of this post, we reviewed the Mophie juice pack case. As one of the first battery pack cases, we were well-satisfied. However, battery cases have come a long way, and we have a new favorite: the Spyder Power Shadow case and charging dock. We have the iPhone 5 version, but the iPhone 6 is available as well. What we love about this case and dock: the case is very slim and light, and it’s possible to recharge without removing the phone from the case. It seems silly to say, but this is huge for us. At all times, you retain full access to your phone’s controls and ports, and there’s an on-off button that lets you choose whether to access the case’s power or the phone’s power. At $99, the Power Shadow is competitively priced, and worth the investment.

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Disclosure: We received the above cases at a media or comped rate for the purpose of review.

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