Top Kid-Friendly Cities in Asia That You Must Visit

Traveling is exciting and fun with family as it offers everyone a chance to relax and bond together. However, picking a destination when travelling with kids is the real hassle. Apart from the budget, you also need to ensure that the place is child-friendly and offers something that your kids will love and enjoy. Here are some great options from the Asian content for you to explore with your kids.


Only a few decades ago, Dubai was nothing but a fishing village by the shoreline of an Emirati desert. Today it is a world-class travel destination and an international transit and commercial hub. People who have visited Dubai years ago often check it off their travel list because it does not offer much to do. However, today it has evolved into something unimaginable. 

Dubai’s transformation has been thoroughly impressed and it now has world-class infrastructure, well-connected transport and mass transit system, shopping malls, theme parks and dozens of places that will offer both education and information to your kids. Moreover, it is designed to be an extremely child-friendly city with facilitation for strollers, changing room and mother rooms at all public places and other facilities that help to manage kids easy. 


Singapore is yet another kid-friendly destination on the list. Unlike Dubai, where most attractions are indoors because of the weather, Singapore offers you outdoor attractions and beautiful lush green landscapes that are a breath of fresh air. Also known as “the city in a garden”, and rightly so, Singapore is a city of skyscrapers nestled in between gardens and rain forests. Besides an amazing infrastructure and facilities that make the city child-friendly, Singapore has a number of attractions such as Universal Studios, Sentosa Island and zoos and safaris that will make your children fall in love with the place.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a Malaysian capital located right in the neighborhood of Singapore. On the face of it, Kuala Lumpur is a commercial and economic hub of the country. However, it has some of the most amazing attractions for kids and is generally a very child-friendly place. Kuala Lumpur is home to one of the world’s largest Bird Aviary, Butterfly Park, Petrosains Science Museum, and world-class water and amusement parks such as Legoland that your kids will always remember.


Although Langkawi is an island destination in Peninsular Malaysia, only accessible by either air or sea, it is not only beautiful but also child-friendly. Unlike most beach destinations that are associated with honeymoon couples, Langkawi has a lot to offer for younger kids such as Wildlife Interaction Park, Sky Cab, 3D Art Museum, Underwater World, and many other activities that your kids will enjoy and learn from.


Bangkok is often not considered as a family or a kid-friendly destination. Interestingly, the truth is opposite what most people believe, The city which is famous for its bustling economic activity has a well-developed infrastructure and facilities, with amazing accommodation options that make traveling with young kids easier. Bangkok has some of the best theme parks in Asia. Besides that, you can also book Bangkok tours for Asia’s best safari and ocean park which should not be missed at all. There are many other small attractions such as KidZania and Snowpark along with activity areas at shopping malls, that your kids will never get bored.

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