Top four travel toys for kids

We will travel again, and when we do, parents need to be prepared with some tools at their disposal. Whether it is a road trip or a plane ride to another country, packing the right toys to keep your child happy and busy is one of the most important parts of traveling with younger children. While keeping in mind, it has to be small, easy to pack, and still provide hours of fun; there are only a few types of toys that cover all the bases and still top the list.


Many of these different kinds of toys come in full kits and sets. Similar to a slime kit or a set of a pull-back car kit, these purchases provide variety and options for kids who may be pickier when choosing their new favorite toy. While maybe a full kit is not necessary, these five toys are our recommendation for the best travel toys available.

1. Magnetic Puzzles

Magnetic puzzles come in many forms and sizes, making it a great gift for multiple types of kids. Puzzles are a great way to help challenge your child while improving skills like shape recognition and goal setting. That makes these toys perfect for early development as well as for children who need to improve in school.

One of the reasons this toy separates itself from the pact is because the pieces will stay together longer. This is great for more extended travels as it gives the toy a better chance of surviving the trip.

2. Coloring Pads

Purchasing a reusable coloring pad for your kids is a great idea even outside of travel. These toys are an excellent way for your child to draw and be creative without having to worry about using up a lot of paper or carrying around a large number of coloring books and supplies.

The markers used for these pads are also great because they are easily erasable and have a long lifespan. Eliminating the use of crayons or coloring pencils helps keep the number of things you have to carry to an absolute minimum.

3. Rubik’s Cube

Although it may be for older children, the Rubik’s Cube can capture the attention of an eager learner and keep them occupied for hours. Learning how to use the toy has shown great benefit when growing kid’s spacial reasoning. This, combined with how it is shown to improve IQ, there is little reason not to pick one up for your travel.

Additionally, there are a few modern types of Rubik’s Cubes that have been released to keep the original game fresh and interesting for kids who may already have mastered the skills needed to solve the puzzle.

4. Books

Although it may be a simple suggestion, bringing a good book that your child cares about can change the travel in a serious way. Although the trouble is finding a book that fits your kid, once you do, it can keep them happy and content for a long time.

Another reason books are one of the greatest “toys” to bring on a trip is that there are so many different variations and levels of skill that benefit from reading. Whether they are just begging to read or learning more complicated words, everyone benefits from more reading time.

Final Thoughts

The best toys out there are ones that are easy to pack and also provide hours of fun. Some of the things you should consider are how long you will be traveling and how much time you will be able to spend with them. Once you know that, you can make a more informed decision on what the best toy will be for your trip.

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