Top family-friendly resort towns in the U.S.

The United States is a hugely diverse country with hundreds of thousands of unique locations spread out across a wide space. Choosing an American vacation destination is difficult in any situation, but especially so with a family in tow. With every additional trip taker comes another person’s enjoyment and happiness to consider. Selecting where to travel will require, to some extent, successfully finding a place where everyone can have a great time

Top family-friendly resort towns:


While it’s true you can only please everyone some of the time, some people every time, but never everyone all the time, there are American vacation destinations which are more likely to keep everyone happier than others. Here are the most family-friendly destinations in the US and some basic tips on planning a trip there:

Palm Springs, California

Once the resort town where Hollywood A-listers went to escape the pressures of Tinseltown, Palm Springs now caters to a more middle class demographic without skimping on the luxuries provided to the likes of Clark Gable and Frank Sinatra. Not to mention the addition of numerous family-friendly experiences including hiking trails, water park, record-breaking aerial tramway, and hot air balloon rides.

However, the signature experience for families staying in Palm Springs is booking several days in one of the city’s iconic resort options. Those choosing a Palm Springs family resort can easily find one with amenities and activities for just about any age group. Whether it’s laying by the pool, swinging golf clubs, or learning to pilot drones, the daytime fun culminates with pristine accommodations overlooking said pool or the surrounding beauty of California.

Breckenridge, Colorado

While Aspen will always be the iconic American ski resort destination in terms of premium luxury, Breckenridge, Colorado exists as an accessible alternative for working families. Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge is the ideal ski resort town for families interested in snow-based adventure, time spent in a spa on the outer deck, and all the other trappings of the idyllic alpine experience.

In addition to these signature elements of a cold climate resort, Breckenridge offers a variety of things to do in the warmer months. These include zip lining, fly fishing, historical walking tours, escape the room, and much more.

Branson, Missouri

Bart Simpson once quoted his father Homer as saying Branson, Missouri is what Las Vegas would be like “if it were run by Ned Flanders.” For readers unfamiliar with the animated series wondering what the joke is, Ned Flanders is the very wholesome, very Christian, and very family-friendly neighbor to the Simpsons. While poking fun at the sentimental and old-timey atmosphere of the Ozark resort town, it’s an accurate description which in no way knocks this iconic American family vacation destination.


In addition to watching performers presumed to have retired decades ago, Branson offers a number of exciting, unique, and ultimately unforgettable experiences for the whole family. These include the amusements and thrills of Silver Dollar City, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, and Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors.

Orlando, Florida

Where do we begin? 50 years ago, Orlando was little more than a swampy, sleepy town for retirees looking to get away from it all after a lifetime of hard work. Then Walt Disney showed up and decided to build the most famous family friendly resort destination in the entire world. The rest, as they say, is history.

Yet there’s more to do in Orlando besides visiting Minnie and Mickey, though a family can easily spend an entire week on Walt Disney World grounds and never get bored. Additional Orlando-based attractions include Universal Studios Florida, Gatorland, Medieval Times, and the Kennedy Space Center.

From coast to coast, the United States is in no short supply of family-friendly vacation destinations. If the challenge revolves around finding a place to please everyone under one roof, resort towns are the way to go. Among them, the aforementioned are proven to be the best.





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