Top attractions in Pattaya Thailand for kids

If you are planning to travel to Thailand with kids, and are thinking of dropping Pattaya off your list because someone told you it is notorious and very bachelor-centric, Do not listen to them. Pattaya should be entirely on your list, and it has a lot to offer for kids. The best part is that it is at a short drive away from the capital Bangkok, so even if you cannot allocate a few nights to stay there, you can always make a day trip. 

Pattaya Thailand for kids:

Pattaya has developed a few decades ago into an industrial and commercial zone and was initially hyped because its significant tourist activity was centered on the night scene. However, in the recent past, it has been developed as a fully fledged tourist center that has something to offer for everyone, and there are numerous attractions for kids as well, and your kids will fall in love with the place. Although you will be able to find a lot of attractions and great deals at, here are a few top picks that you should not miss out.

Cartoon Network Amazone

Pattaya is home to the world’s first Cartoon Network-themed water amusement park, and you will not find anything close to this one anywhere else in Thailand. This should entirely be your top reason to head to Pattaya. At least a day trip to Pattaya to visit the park alone is a must. The park has ten zones that cater to kids of all ages including adults so you can expect some great family fun. From speedy water roller coaster for older kids and adults to the fun wave pools for the younger kids, this park has everything that a great water park should have. The famous Cartoon Network characters across the park earn it some extra brownie points and are a significant attraction for kids.

Khao Kheo Open Zoo

Kids love animals, and this is why you should not skip this one. This is not your ordinary zoo, but an open zoo that lets you see the animals up close while you ride around the lush green park in a free cart. Your kids will get to see some of the rare animal species which are seldom found at regular zoos, so this is both fun and educational. The zoo also offers a night safari, which is a plus. Although the zoo is not precisely within Pattaya a bit outside in a jungle in the Si Racha region but is still easily accessible by a short drive.

Underwater World

Pattaya’s underwater world is an exciting aquarium and nature park that your kids will love. It is designed to be interactive and lets you touch and feel creatures such as baby sharks, starfish, and other smaller sea creatures. The park also has an aquarium that features the more critical marine animals. 

Elephant Village

Elephants are one of the friendliest animals and sadly one of the worst treated ones too. Elephant village is primarily a sanctuary dedicated to taking care of the old and injured Elephants. Your kids can pet these elephants, feed them and ride them.

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