Tips when traveling with kids

 Holidays are always fun and relaxing, but it can also be completely opposite if you are traveling with small kids. Many parents shudder at the thought of traveling with kids because of all the horror stories about cranky kids. However, it can be a great way of family bonding if you plan it smartly. Here are a few tips that you should remember when traveling with kids to make your experience better. 


Plan in Advance

 Try to plan your travel time in advance and when you make your flight or train bookings, try to book a one that would allow your child to sleep through the flight. Generally trains with berths or Business Classes in air travel do allow that luxury. Children often tend to get cranky when traveling long distances. Crying and screaming kids will not only make it difficult for you but will also annoy fellow passengers. The best solution to the problem is to make your child sleep through the journey. 

Sleep Training

Your routine on your holiday would be slightly different from your regular routine and the same will also affect your child. Figure out what time patterns and routines you will be following on your trip and start sleep training your kids a week or two in advance according to that time schedule. Factor in any time differences there might be.

Avoid Crankiness

 One of the major problems that most parents face on vacations and family getaways is cranky kids, especially toddlers. It is important that your child is happy and playful, or at least calm for you to enjoy your trip peacefully and experience the much-needed relaxation. Generally, kids get cranky and throw tantrums when they are sleepy or hungry. Try to make sure that your kids are well-fed and well slept at all times. If you are on a long journey, try making arrangements so that your kids can sleep and eat while on the move. Keep some snacks for them and keep them at a place where they are within your reach.

Avoid Day Trips

Many solo travelers will excitedly recommend you day trips to places that are close by your base station. Day trips often work well for solo travelers and backpackers, but they are certainly not meant for people with kids. Your kids will need bathroom breaks, food breaks, diaper changes and a lot of other things, that solo travelers do not have to experience. These problems can be very exhausting for the parents as well. An overnight stay will allow you to explore the place without any hassles and you can retire to your room whenever you want.

Wear a Wristwatch

 As weird as it might sound, a wristwatch becomes a lifesaver on such trips. There will be lots of time when you will struggle with keeping track of time, but you will not be having access to your phone such as at water parks where you are required to lock your phones away in the locker. There are also chances of your phone’s battery getting drained out and watches come in very handy in such situations. Invest in something reasonable yet durable such as a Citizen Promaster

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